Keep crying and waiting first hospital referral :(

I am 33 mother of two girls. Have a lot of problems with pmt water retention painful boobs pre period.
3 weeks ago I found a lump rather large obvious bump on upper right breast. Around 1 inch above nipple. My boobs are large and according to GP lumpy breasts.
Now the lump is 4 by 2 but it feels bigger before period. It feels like a hard closed eyeball and it moves around when I roll over.
its not painful to touch but there is sometimes a slight dull ache. I am sure this lump is new but concerned about how large it’s got so quickly.
I keep crying I’m so worried. I’m not worried about me im just worried about the worst scenario and my lovely daughters. I’ve told people but some of my friends are not helping me by being positive . I feel alone.
i have my first hospital referral tomorrow which I’ve been told is purely a consultation. 2 weeks after GP so quite quick which worries me further. I thought I was too young to have breast cancer but I’m thinking the worst .

Hi Carolina

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums where I am sure your fellow forum users will be along soon to support you. In the meantime could I suggest you give our helpline a ring, 0808 800 6000 lines are open now until 5pm tonight (Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2)

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Carolina
Try not to worry, the two weeks is about normal from seeing GP to hospital clinic. Mine was just that. I also have larger “lumpy” boobs and two daughters so I know exactly what you mean. Don’t google anything-its way too scary. You will get lots of advice on the site from people in the same situation. I was referred by my GP after I found a lump that seemed to get bigger but with hindsight I think it may have been an overactive imagination. Went to thebreast clinic at the hospital and had mammogram, ultrasound and then a biopsy on the lump thereand then. This is perfectly normal as alot of breast clinics operate like this. Worst bit was the two week wait for the results.
Once they know what the lump is they will give you the expected treatment plan but this can change. I had a lumpectomy and some nodes removed last Wednesday and am again waiting for the results of the surgery to see what happens next.
I hope it goes OK at the hospital and try not to worry-you are in good hands. My daughters have been brilliant especially my teenager. She is doing the housework, cooking and generally looking after my 6 year old.

Good luck xx

Hi Anna. Do you think I will have to have it removed? Even if its not cancer? What worries me is the size sounds and feels very big.
I don’t have a clue what will happen. I thought it didn’t hurt but the dull ache is becoming obvious like a throbbing bruising is that worrying?
i want to thank you for your post and your courage and wish you good health and hugs xx

Also googled everything about women my age dying literally made me so upset for them and scared for me. Internet is not my friend. I’m glad I found this place I never ever imagined to be posting here in a million years.

hi carolina
it could be nothing, it could be something, point is you are going to the right place to find out so it can be sorted. you are going to worry, but try to divert your energy into something that can help take your mind off it, all of us know how you feel, hopefully you will get some answers and reassurance at the appointment.
do let us know how you get on,
kindest wishes.
angie xx

Of course you have to have it checked out for sure, but to me it sounds very like a cyst.
I started getting them in my 30’s and like you was very anxious the first time. Try not to keep poking it to see if is still there or changed at al. I know, we all do it!, but that in itself can start to make you feel sore!

With my first cyst, it was enormous!, and the breast clinic doctor aspirated it and flushed the fluid down the sink! I was quite put out, but didn’t have the nerve to say “Oi!,.aren’t you sending that off for analysis?!!” I since found out that they only test fluid that looks “suspicious”. Anyway, the lump was gone from that point, and a couple of years later the same thing happened.

If the lump is smooth and mobile, if it grew quickly or fluctuates in size, and especially if seems to be linked to your menstrual cycle, it is more than likely benign. The good thing is you are having it checked.

Thanks ladies. It’s a hard lump as I said a which does seem to grow pre time of month when I roll on my side the lump rolls too so it’s mobile. I’m hoping for good news tomorrow either way I just want to know now.
Hugs to you all xx

Hi Carolina. I have just registered today after finding a lump yesterday. Went to Doctors and was certain she would say nothing to worry about and now I am as I have been referred to the Breast Clinic. Been told I should have a appointment in two weeks. This I believe is NHS timeframe guidelines with any breast lump found. My lump sounds similar to yours. Slightly tender and moveable when touched. I examined a few months ago and there was no lumps so this seems to have appeared quite quickly. I have been crying all day but finding this website has been a relief. I wish you all the very best and I hope today went well.
D x

Hi daisy . The scans were non concerning. Unfortunately a mammogram showed something and they ultrasounded again and took 3 biopsies one under my arm and I was told its suspicious. :frowning:
i don’t know how many people they say this to but I was floored as my consultant said on her scan it looked like nothing to worry about initially.
Awaiting results one week today . The initial lump is 16mm and they mentioned calsification spots which I presumed were not cancer. I wish you all the best and I know what the waiting was like for the clinic appointment. If you want to talk to me then feel free anytime . Caroline x

Hi Caroline. So sorry to hear this. I am thinking of you and will keep everything crossed that this time next week you will receive good news as anyone else who is waiting. I returned to work today after taking yesterday off after the referral that I was not expecting. I knew I would have been useless in the office. However I am now coming to the conclusion that keeping busy is best. It still comes into my mind and I feel physically sick when it does. It is the most frightening time. Everyone on here is amazing and I admire the sufferers who have the time to support us with their positive comments. Try and keep busy and let me know how you get on. I am off to sleep now think its called emotional exhaustion. Lots of love.
D x