Keep it to myself?

Hi, I found a lump in November and was referred to the breast clinic. I had an appointment in December had a mammogram. I was told the a lump had been seen but was told to come black for a review in 6 weeks. The dilema is that I haven’t told anyone including my husband - he works overseas and is only home for a couple of weeks for Christmas and not due home till March. I had intended to tell him when he came home last week but I didn’t. I don’t see the point of worrying him or anyone else and he has to go back to work next week and won’t be here for my next appointment anyway. He has a highly stressful and pressured job so don’t think it will achieve anything except to worry him when he can’t be here for me. Am I being selfish?

Thanks Ladybowler - I appreciate your reply and glad your cancer was caught early and that you are having treatment. I’m sure it’s nothing which is one of the reasons I have rationalised not telling anyone - why worry them unnecessarily. I’ve to go back in 30th Jan to see a different Consultant as the one I saw was just filling in! Thanks again and best wishes xx