Keep telling myself there's nothing to worry about

Hello Ladies
Am new to this forum - but just thought I would let you know my situation and maybe someone else has had a similar situation and may be able to shed some light for me.

I have a hardness at the bottom of my left breast which was not a problem before but became getting painful now and then - and now not just if I touch it - but can feel the pain inside my body. Went to the GP about this ages ago and was told it was nothing - did not have the pain then. However Thursday before last went again as the pain is there now and its harder - she gave an examination and thinks there is a cyst there - she was not sure - had to go and talk to her colleagues and then decided that a referal to a breast clinic would be best.

I am going tomorrow morning and do not know what to expect - my husband is going with me - he has been great - I have tried not to worry all week as I’m sure it is just a cyst - but my mum had breast cancer and so did my grandmother on my dad’s side, so the worry is there really in the back of my mind.

Just after some advice and support really before tomorrow
Thanks for listening!

Hi Enliven

I’m very pleased to meet you :slight_smile: I haven’t been on this forum long, so I’m a relative newbie too. There are lots of lovely people on this forum.

Are you going for a mammogram tomorrow? I don’t know what is standard because I am not in the UK at the moment so procedure may be different here, but my referral meant I went for a mammogram and then an ultrasound straight afterwards.

I know I read that something like 8/9 out of 10 lumps are benign, so I have everything crossed for you :-))

Let us know how you get on!

Hi Enliven
Good luck for tomorrow. Waiitng is always the worst part of this process- waiting for the procedure, waiing for results, waiting for healing etc etc. In the meantime posting ore reading the posts on here can help and support you. Let us know how you got on.
Annys x

Hello Enliven - the not knowing is the worst part so I wish you well with your appointment. I believe procedures can vary between hospitals - I had a mammogram, ultra sound, fine needle biopsy then finally a core biopsy all on the same day and got diagnosis there and then - but when I read other ladies posts they sometimes wait for about a week for results. Generally though, its all very painless, I found the mammo the worst bit - really squishes you down and can pinch a bit but it lasts just a few seconds (I heard smaller boobs are easier so dont know which camp you are in)so you will be absolutely fine. Try not to worry - as spudgirl said MOST results are benign. Please let us know how you get on, sending you good vibes xx

Hi Enliven

You may find it helpful to read the BCC booklet ‘referral to a breast clinic’ It includes information on what to expect when attending the clinic for tests. To read this on line just follow the link below:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

I hope this helps.

Best wishes
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Thank you all so much for your kind words - I will let you know how I get on tomorrow - yes -I do not know what I will be having tomorrow - I guess they will give me a mammogram. Will read the booklet now Sam, thank you all.

Good luck for tomorrow Enliven.
Anthi xx


I had fluid-filled cysts, twice. The hospital doctor examined me and was pretty certain what it was. The first time, I was then given a mammogram and ultrasound. The second time, they also did a fine needle aspiration and tested the fluid whilst I waited. Finally, the doctor drained the cysts using a needle and ultrasound for guidance. They disappeared before my eyes, both times.

Unfortunately, the third time I wasn’t so lucky.

Hope all goes well for you.

Ann x

Hi All! Well, I went to the hospital today and he gave me a quick exam and said it was just breast tissue! But is still sending me for a mammogram to be on the safe side. I am glad of that - at least it will be able to tell for sure!
Somehow - the breast tissue thing wasn’t too convincing to me - he said nothing to worry about at all but is it just me?


The doctors at the hospital really do have a good idea of what it will be. As you say, the mammogram will double check but, hopefully, for now you can relax a bit. I think that if they had been worried, they would have done a mammogram or ultrasound scan straight away.

Good luck!

Ann xxx

Thank you - can you believe though at this hospital they did not have the machine that does mammograms? I have to go to a different one for that!! Yes, I am sure they would have made it sooner though - you are right. Yes, I am feeling better about it - he recommended evening primrose oil.
Hope you are keeping well.

Well - just thought I would give you an update - got my appointment through for a mammogram yesterday - the date was for the day after I was supposed to go in to get my results!!

So had to change the appointment for my results to a week later!!
I know there is nothing to worry about really - just would like to have the all clear for sure once and for all. As we all know - the waiting game is hard!
Hope you are all keeping well

It’s a shame you can’t have your mammogram results on the day you have your mammogram. Good luck when you do go.

Ann x

Well - I went for the mammogram yesterday - just have to wait for the results now - although I am sure there is nothing to worry about, just wish could have got the results there and then - on the letter I got it said you could wear deodorant but not powder - so I just put a little - when she had finished - told me to wait outside but not change while they check the xrays and then she asked if I was wearing deodorant - then this other lady came and told me that I should not have worn that and next time not to - next time?? I did explain that I wouldn’t have if it didn’t say that in the letter!!
Well - results next Tuesday!