Keeping on under arm dressings after radiotherapy

Perhaps someone can help with this, I cannot be the only one in this situation but can’t find advice anywhere. 


How is do I keep non adhesive Polymem dressings in place under the arm after radiotherapy?


Under my arm is so raw and I have an infection. I was told not to use tape or anything adhesive but out of desperation tried it and the pad kept falling off anyway! I’ve tried crepe bandages, tight t-shirts, even cut clothes up to see if I can find a way! I’ve asked the nurse, two chemists, tried amazon, you-tube but nothing recommended seems to work or I cannot find the product! I’ve tried the Polymem website but those suggestions don’t work either! 


 Tucking into a bra at the bottom of the pad doesn’t keep it in place because the top of the Polymem hangs over, and not close to the wound anyway. (I have a dressing on the nipple area too and the bra keeps it there).


I’m also beginning to think I might be sensitive to an ingredient within the dressing but need to at least give wearing it properly a chance! 


So HOW do I keep underarm bandages on?

Dont know if this would help but my scar is down the left outer edge of my boob.

everything i tried was rubbing on it making it so sore.

eventually ended up folding a large cotton handkerchief into a kinda oblong n having one side tucked into my crop top, with the other side up n over the top on outside .

gave me relief from chaffing and rubbing.

hope you have find/adapt something. X

An oversized piece of Polymem cut like a Maltese cross might work, if that makes sense. I also seem to remember a technique called something like a cravat dressing.