keeping your wig on

living at the seaside it has become pretty windy the past few weeks. Anybody got suggestions for keeping my wig on. I never wear a hat; probably the hat and wig would blow away. I need to get out in the fresh air to keep my spirits up.


I got some wig tape from the place I bought the wig, or if you Google Wig Tape there are lots of sites that supply it, it is just double sided tape and you only need a bit at the back and sides but it does make it feel more secure. Cost £4.50 . Hope this helps.

I have a ‘bobbed’ wig and always wear it with an elastic headband. It is very secure to my head even in high winds! I only wear it though because I feel like I’m just wearing a headband and not a wig aswell. Helped with the psychological aspects of losing my hair.

Carly x

I always wear narrow scarves tied like a headband over my wig…feels more secure and less “wiggy”…I have a few in different colours and patterns to go with different outfits. Accessorize sell lovely scarves and elasticated head bands.

If I wear hats I wear a Buff (not my wig) underneath them - Google ‘Buffs’ if you haven’t heard of them before. They are great for wearing under hats…or on their own. Lots of different colours and designs and they can’t blow off in high winds.



‘toupee tape’ is awesome and defo use a headband as Carly suggested. I never wore my wig very often, nut when I did I always wore it with an alice band type thing that I got from Claire’s Accessories. It made the wig look totally ‘unwiggy’ and meant it was held nicely in place,

Take care,


HI Rembrandt

I always wear a narrow scarf tied round my wig or a nice hairband to give it extra security. A few people I know have started doing it too in their real hair, as it really does look nice.

also do you have a little stocking cap for underneath? This adds a bit of grip, you can get them in any wig shop, they look like the foot of a pair of tights.

Grip it on!

Cecelia. x