Kelly's blog

Kelly’s blog

Kelly’s blog Dear Moderator,
Just wondered what’s happened to Kelly’s blog?
I’m sure that lots of web users have been following Kelly’s progress with great interest. But there’ve been no more updates for about five weeks now.
I’ve been getting worried about her, as I guess many of us have.
Is all ok with Kelly?


I was wondering that too, I’d like to send Kelly my very best wishes and hope that she feels up to blogging soon,

Tina xx

Ooops - i thought Kelly, of Kellys Blog, was a fictitious person.

For Tina and Ginny Hi Ginny and Tina

I will try and find some information for you on Kelly’s Blog and post again .

Kind Regards

Forum Host

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New posts coming Hi all

And thank you for your concern for Kelly. Some additions to her blog will be on the site very soon (today or tomorrow).

Best wishes
Brreast cancer Care

Thanks for asking about me, I’m fine and have just sent in a load of updates to the blog. My 3rd chemo really knocked me for six which is why I went quiet for a bit and then I had a week staying with a friend. I had hoped to use the time to do some writing but it didn’t happen. Instead I did a lot of chatting and wine drinking!

I am trying to get the blog fully updated but it’s like walking up a down escalator!!

Tigerlily, your comment made me giggle. I wondered if people might think I wasn’t real! I can assure you I’m very real and also very aware that my experiences may be nothing like yours but I hope some of it strikes a chord.

Anyway thanks again for your concern but thankfully I’m back on track again!


Dear kelly

I’d just like to say that I felt exactly the same during my chemo, it really knocked me out, especially after the first few. I had 8 sessions in total (4 Epirubicin, 4 CMF) and then 6 weeks radiotherapy, but I was relieved to find that a few months after treatment stopped completely, my energy levels began to return. Towards the end of chemo I thought I was never going to get out of bed. It’s definitely a time to listen to your body, And once treatment stops, your body does heal amazingly well.

really pleased to keep reading the blog,

Tina x

Great to hear you’re back on track again Kelly.
You’ve had a rough time - I really feel for you, specially with the last few blogs that you’ve put up online.

I’ve been keeping a bc diary but whilst I felt rough after chemo, was unable to write a word. So I really admire the work you are doing for this site.

Like you, my career seems to have come to a dead end at the same time as treatment. That’s a hell of a double whammy.

Anyway, take good care and good luck with the next treatment.

Hi kelly, Glad to hear you’re real! Sorry you’ve had a tough time of it. Good luck with the rest of treatment.


I have sent in some more blog entries which haven’t made it to the site yet and you will soon see that I’m feeling much better and thankfully the unpleasantness of chemo 3 has continued.

Thanks for your encouragement.