I have no problems with scarring usually but with my second mx about 2 inches of the scar has become keloid.
Has anyone had successful treatment for keloid scars?
I would hate to think I am forever stuck with one extremely sore lumpy bit when all my other scars are flat and have healed well!

Hi msmolly,
My scars weren’t keloid but hypertrophic (red and raised)following my last reconstruction surgery.

My PS recommended using Mepiform (a silicone tape dressing)once the scars were fully healed and it’s been brilliant and completely flattened the scars, over the last 12 months - no overnight fix, I’m afraid but it’s so easy and painfree!

The tape is simply put over the affected area and removed for bathing / showering and renewed when it has lost its “stickiness” after about 5 days.

My PS warned me that it is expensive (£100 for a box of 5 strips)and recommended that I look on Ebay for it, where you can buy it for £30 - £40.

However, I was fortunate that my GP was willing to prescribe it.

I don’t know if it’s effective for keloid scarring but I would think it’s certainly worth investigating with your medics.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further info x

Doxey thank you so much - that is wonderful advice - and a relief to know that something can be done about it. My GP reckons it is keloid but from what you describe maybe it is in fact hypertrophic - red, raised, shiny and very sore. Meanwhile my MX scar that was zapped with radiotherapy is perfect!
I shall have a good chat with my surgeon about Mepiform once I get the referral through - many thanks again. I may be back to pester you some more!

You’re very welcome - and pester away anytime!!

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