kinesio tape for lymphoedema

Hi has anyone tried kinesio tape for treating lymphoedema? if so, was it worthwhile and where did you have your treatment?

Not me, although it intrigues me. I’ve heard mixed reviews elsewhere, including some women being intolerant of the adhesive on the tape. But I’d be curious too.

Hi ,
I did try this method fo mild trunkle lymphodema ,i was treated by a specialist nurse at the local hospice ,she cut the tape to octopus shape and stuck it to my mx side to try and move the fluid to the stomoch lymph nodes ,the only time Ive ever posed topless !and it was so that after a few days we could remove the tape rest for a few days and apply them again our selves ,the nurse also showed me how to minipulate the collar bone lymph nodes .The tape did work for me ,but a good massage with e 45 works just as well ,If ever i fill up as i call it my husband massages with the cream and i also find that a good wide side bra strap also helps .

Thankyou I am intrigued as my local osteopath is offering this treatment, but I am wary of doing anything without expert opinion! I am waiting for an appointment with the breast nurse, so will ask her opinion before I try it. I have so much trouble with my hand particularly my thumb, willing to try almost anything!

Hello Projectwoman,
I use kinseo tape for my hand (I have tried many things!). I was trained how to do it along with bandaging etc. Apparently it does not work for everyone, but it certainly helped me. Essentially the tape works by slightly lifting and stretching the outer dermis to give the lymph greater movement (I am not a medic but that is my understanding). As someone else says, you apply it, leave it on for a few days, take it off andgive the skin a rest. My lymphodema is worst in the fingers and back of the hand so compression is not so effective, but you can apply pieces of tape along the back of the finger.
The LSN has information about it on its website. I think you are right to check it out and the practitioners details - its very commonly used for treating sports injuries but lymphodema would be more unusual and so you need someone with this type of experience (though think the LSN provide a list).
Good Luck! Rattles

It is quite good method - I did for my patients, but you definetly have to faind trained specialist because there are about 50 ways how to put the tape. Which way is right for you depends where is your limfodema - in armpit, on chest, on arm or on hand. Sometimes it is every where. Normaly this things are doing limfodema nurse or physiotherapist.

Thank you Rattles and Zibzab x