Kisqali [ribociclib]

Sorry hadn’t finished my sentence.
I completely forgot my cancer as my colleague and I went to collect course awards (without my stick).
It was a great moment.

HI Sammy,
I’ve been on ribociclib with Letrozole for the last 13 months. It hasn’t been too bad. I take all the meds in the morning before breakfast. I get a little diarrhea about 2/3 times maximum a day. My skin, mouth has a tendency to be dry.
If I delay eating after the medication then I have nausea but if I’m careful it’s ok. So far Dr says CT scans show no new developments so he’s happy. He feels my side effects are minimal.
Initially my blood and heart were checked regularly for the first 4 cycles as there is some concern that ribociclib affect the blood count and affects the heart. After 4 cycles if it doesn’t affect the heart then it won’t. At least that’s what my doctor said.

Thanks Sammy cat.
Tomorrow is the last day of cycle 3.
So looking forward to my week off.
Seeing Dr this week.
I feel relatively well in myself and I have to say that the Tai chi classes at the Mulberry centre have been a God send.
I am able to mobilise no crutches at home and only one when I am out and about. However my sofa kills my back. So tomorrow I am off to DFS in New Malden then to one of the many Korean restaurants that are found in this part iof South London.
Enjoy the autumn sun.
Gina xx