Kitkat - how are you?

Kitkat - how are you?

Kitkat - how are you? Hi Kitkat,

How are you doing? Would really like to hear from you.


I’m doing super dooper! Hi There

Thanks for enquiring after me, I’m touched! I’ve been away on holiday for a week to Corsica and had a fabulous holiday. First time I’ve been on a plane since secondary diagnosis and it was fine!

As for me, well, still on Capecitabine, but had all over scan just before I went away and no cancer visible…anywhere!!! Over the moon, as tumour markers right back down again too.
So pleased , its taken me a while to get it to sink in, but went back for more pills today and all blood results still good so guess it must be true!

How about you?
Take care
Love Kitkat.

hi kikat so glad to here good news at last ! so has the capecitabine got rid of ur bone cancer too !
i love to hear good news so good luck i hope it keeps up forever ,

I am soo pleased for you Dear Kitkat,

It is soo fantastic to hear such goods news. I am glad to hear that you have had a very much deserved break. I hope you got to enjoy some sunshine!

My sister passed away on Monday. As you can imagine we are all devastated at our indescribable loss. At her request, she passed away at home and her passing was peaceful. I was very fortunate to be able to spend some really special time with her and over the last couple of days and we really got say our goodbyes (as much as you can do :-(((). On Friday I went to visit her in the morning and I climbed into bed with her and held her in my arms and she told me that she was really tired. I told her that I love her very much and that for every day for the rest of my life, I am going miss her and think about her.
I visited her on Monday morning and got to hold her hand and kiss her goodbye before she closed her eyes for one last time.

There will not be a day that goes by that I won’t be grateful to have had her in my, my husband and my childrens life. We will alway remember and love her.

Take care

Kitkat!!! Such awesome news!! Long may it last!! Funnyface

Really really pleased Kitkat