Knees and leg aches is it chemo ?

Hi all hav been suffering with my knees on n off but now they grate n grind all th time n one in particular hurts in takin naproxen but I’m havin trouble gettin in th bath walk down th stairs like an old lady. N my daughter commented yestoday Tht I’m walkin funny I’m only 46 n never had trouble b4. N hav been tryin sum exercises but not sure why I’m negative so no more treatment but could it hav been th chemo or should I insist on a bone scan. Is ther anyone else th same ? X rozita

Hi there

I wondered if you are now on any other medication such as Tamoxifen or Letrozole? These are particularly known to result in some joint stiffness or pain. I am on Letrozole and I too creak and groan and am very stiff. I suppose also you would need to considier what chemo you are on or have been on - have you finished your chemo treatment. Certainly worth discussing with your GP or Breast Care nurse. Take care. J.

Hi Rozita

I am exactly the same I am triple negative as well so no treatment to blame it on. With me it is all my joints even my elbows! But have had bone scan and all clear so onc says just after effects of chemo even though finished in Sept. I am 48 and feel 88 Am taking co codamol high strength they do help a bit!

The joys of tteatment just go on and on!!!

I would mention it though at your next appt I did and thats why had bone scan

Jill x

I finished chemo in November and am triple negative - so, apart from radiotherapy which I am going through now, I am not any other treatment and my knees and legs are very sore and achy. I’m assuming it is the after effects of the chemo as I have heard other people on here complaining of the same.

I was not thinking about bones or bone scans because of this.

Some days it is much better than others though. I take the odd Tramadol which helps sometimes but not all the time.


Thnx all it’s 19 months since I finished chemo n it’s only got worse now feel like an old lady sometimes x rozita

N I’m triple negative so no treatments x

Hi, I’m beyond 5 years remission, but when I was on chemo I had a very bad time with joint pains on Taxotere, especially in my knees. Unfortunately I still suffer with my knees now and find yoga stretches and some simple strength moves and warrior poses help. I haven’t been to the gym since the Christmas hols (I’ve had too much work on to fit it in),but gym was helping a lot. My OH (who is also my business partner) is away most of next week, but we’ve decided we are starting gym again when he gets back as I find keeping mobile helps. I use a TENS machine when it is really bothering me.


I have been taking 400mg of ibuprofin every 4 hours for the past 2 days for the pain in my knees and legs and feel great! Much, much better. I could actually walk normally when I got out of bed this morning. I am going to carry on taking them for another couple of days and see if the pains come back when I stop.