kylie once again in todays paper there is an article about kylie getting married and starting a family, which she will noit be advised to do yet. The annoying thing is that it states she has been all clear for 6 months, when will the press get their facts right. She will not be all clear till 5 years past dx and is only in remission. It so annoys me when others like her are given as in remission.

All clear. Hi, I don’t think breast cancer comes under the 5 year rule, some women develop secondaries several years, 10 or more, after their initial diagnosis.

Agree, Belinda …that’s just what my surgeon told me after my recurrence last year. There can never be any cast-iron guarantees with breast cancer. She had recently had someone who developed secondaries over 30 years after her initial diagnosis! Obviously this is very rare, but “all clear” aren’t words that can be used after bc with total accuracy.


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