Lack of communication! GRRR!!

I am having chemo at home and was due my 4th today. Every time there has been some problem usually due to miscommunication between the hospital and the healthcare at home team. The first time they forgot to order the drugs so it was postponed for a day. Not nice when its ur first chemo and your stressed out enough as it is! The second time I had requested treatment in the afternoon as I wanted my son to be there. This wasn’t passed on and they rang to tell me they would be here at 10am. I complained and they managed to change it to the afternoon. This time there was a bit of a hoo ha at the hospital yesterday as to whether my bloods were ok but the doctor finally agreed that they were happy to go ahead with treatment today. I usually get a call the night before to tell me what time the team will be here but I didn’t get it last night so I rang them at 7.50am and left a message. They called back within 15minutes to say they had emailed the chemo team and would be in touch later so once again I’m left in limbo not knowing if I’ll be having treatment today or not. Obviously the hospital did not let the healthcare at home team know that they had agreed for it to go ahead today.
I’m so angry I have vacuumed upstairs and changed all the beds already just to stop myself collapsing in a weeping heap! And now I’m ranting on here!
Deep breath & relax!

Hi Buzzy,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing such incompetence with Healthcare at Home. I had them for the Herceptin and only had a couple of problems. Once they forgot me but that did not happen again as I phoned them 2 days before my treatment was due to find out which nurse was coming. The other 17 times I was phoned by the nurse at least the day before to arrange a time. You should really have the same nurse each time as you are supposed to form a bond so that you can discuss any worries you have.

If I were you I would contact the person in charge and have a meaningful discussion. It is not fair that you are being made to feel so stressed.

One good thing came out of it. You have very clean beds and bedrooms.

I do hope that the nurse turned up today and that the chemo went without a hitch.

Good luck with future treatments.


Hello there, when I had very poor treatment at the surgery stage I wrote a letter , not of complaint but just saying how it had affected me - I KNOW I got better treatment after that - which is what we should all get, but I did feel good about telling them the effect their behaviour was having on me,
so if thats suits you as a plan you might think of trying it, it worked really well for me
hope for better for you in future

They did turn up in the end and it went without a hitch. I have had a different nurse each time which is a bit annoying. I thought that part of the philosophy of treatment at home was that you would be treated by the same person each time but no such luck. I think I’ve formed more of a bond with the nurses in the outpatients department who take your blood cos its the same ones each time and they always call me the lady with the lovely hair cos of my bright red wig!
Feeling only slightly nauseous and narcoleptic so its all good now.