lapitnib and xeloda

just waiting for radiotherapy to mets and then am due to start xeloda and lapitbib, was on herceptin and xeloda. does anyone else have similar story?

Hi Liz

Can I ask where you are being treated? I’m presently in a similar situation and I’m now trying to get on lapatinib (see under taergeted therapies). Spoke to consultant on Friday who says he has requested on three other separate occasions and been turned down in each case.


I have a friend of mine who has not long started taking Lapatanib and Xeloda as a combination and so far she is doing well on them.

You’ll probably be given the booklet which gives you all the info on the two drugs plus the fact that you mustn’t have grapefruit in any shape or form as evidently it interferes with Lapatanib.

Good luck

I sometimes see a woman at my local hospital who was on Herceptin and is now on her 12th cycle of Xeloda and Lapatinib on a medical trial. Being under trial conditions is a bit restrictive for her (can’t take supplements, can’t go back to part-time work etc) but on the other hand she is closely monitored. Sorry I don’t know the name of the trial but expect it can be googled.

Good luck