large lump appeared within last two weeks. Worried

hi all, I noticed a painless lump in my right breast above my nipple after my period finished and my normal lumps and bumps dissappeared and then within a few days it grew quite big and I would say two weeks later it is now approx one and a half inches long. Have asked few friends and they assure me that something growing that quick would not be cancerous. Is this true?

Hi toetapper

7 years ago I had a very similar thing happen and it was a cyst that I had final needle aspiration for.
Its always prudent to get any lump checked that you have a ‘nagging’ doubt about - its probably nothing and for the sake of a bit of inconvenience going to your GP and maybe having to see a Specialist for a negative result, the time will not be wasted for that feeling of reasurrance and peace of mind you gain.
Sending you good vibes and thoughts xxx

thanks for the reassurance. Have been to the doctor just to get it checked and on fast track list for mamogram so hopfully will have my mind put at ease properly in a few days time. It’s such a scarey thing to find isn’t it? thanks again.