last chemo

Hi all,
I have been having treatment for breast cancer (FEC75) and i have got my last of 6 next week. Can anyone tell me whether they had to decline the last one due to low blood count, doctors advice or because they really had enough and didn’t feel like they could face the last one etc. I am asking this because my 5th treatment was almost delayed due to my blood count being low, however I was able to have it because they tested my blood again and it had gone back up. I am considering declining the 6th one and was wondering if anyone else had done the same.

Are you thinking of declining because you are fed up with chemo? If so, you have my sympathies! I have a regional recurrence for which I have recently been receiving caroboplatin and gemcitibine. I was supposed to have the gemcitibine on Day 8 as well as Day 1, but after low bloods, and general on going fatigue I opted out of the last 3 of the gemcitibine. For me it was absolutely the right decision to give me quality of life. My onc knew how unwell and miserable I had been and was fine with my decision.

I don’t think declining the 6th of 6 FEC will make any significant difference to your prognosis but ask your onc. for an informed view on this.

I think sometimes we grind on with chemo because we fell we ‘have’ to, but we can say no, we can take less, we do have choices.

very best wishes to you


hi jojo

… a different perspective … if I declined due to low blood counts i’d only hav had 2 (including the first one) … nearly all of mine have been delayed so I’m plodding through - I am also triple negative so want to finish as i don’t have much else on offer … if you are triple negative it could make a difference to your decision.

good luck anyway
love FB xxxx

PS Although very grateful for treatment I am now totally PPPPP’d off with feeling tired , down, possible lymphoedema etc. but hey-ho I’ve started so i’ll finish …