last onc appt... now a bit worried!

I had my last appt with the oncologist today, when I asked what my chance of a recurrence was he said , long term about 40%. This has freaked me out a bit, the surgoen gave me the impresson it was much less. Onc said it is increased cos 5/15 lymph nodes were involved, even after chemo. ( had them all out)
Has anyone else been told someting like this? I just keeptrying to think that its 60% in my favour, but it’s not what I expected…
Also, have I got this right… you are only at increased risk of ovarian cancer if you have brca1 or 2 gene? Cant believe I am still so unsure about things afte 8 months of treament & all those hospital appts!
Thanks all
Amanda xx


I can’t help with the percentages you’ve been given I’m afraid, but I’m not sure if I’ve misunderstood your post. If you are 8 months since you finished treatment I would have though you’d still have, at least annual check ups?
I finished treatment in December 2005. I see the Onc and the Consultant once a year, and 6 months apart, so am always only ever 6 months from an appointment.I have a mammogram once a year.

I wonder if it’s that you are discharged back to your GP for ongoing stuff (are you taking anything now like Tamoxifen or Arimidex for instance?) but will have appointments to see your Onc come through in the post for a ‘check up’? Please check with them if you are unsure, or maybe speak to your breast care nurse?

Good luck.

Caz xxx

I’m just about to finish Herceptin and I’ve been told in my case a low to moderate chance of it coming back which I believe is anything up to 40%. I was stage 3 and 1 node involved, obviously Her2+ as well. However, both my oncologists have said they would be surprised if it came back within the 5 year remission period. Immediately after surgery the surgeon said 50% because I hadn’t had the chemo and rads yet. I have a relative who is an oncology Professor and he said in his opinion my prognosis is not that bad.

I just accept I have to live with what they have told me - I know a guy who has had cancer come back 4 times and he leads a very active life and does a f/t job as a nurse working with stroke patients.

Caz, i only finished treatment at beginning of feb, I had been having treatment for 8 months.I have an appointment at the breast clinic in July. Cherub,thanks for the info in your post.
Good wishes