Last Taxotere Tomorrow

Last Taxotere Tomorrow

Last Taxotere Tomorrow Hope it goes OK as I didn’t have the severe joint pains with the last one, although the fatigue has been a bit of a nightmare. Have felt fine the last couple of days, but ti’s back to the hospital to be made unwell again tomorrow. Still, at least I’ve got a bit of whizz with the steroids and I can cope with the ironing again!

I’m just pleased to have got this far after all the rotten stuff over the past few weeks and sympathise with anyone who is struggling on this drug. I stupidly figured I would walk it as I was OK on FEC, how wrong can you be?

Hi Cherub Glad it’s nearly over for you - I should start my first Taxotere on Thursday.

I have had 3 x FEC and, like you, have not been too bad. Was due my first Taxotere last week but they would not give it to me because of a red mark on my arm and back and they gave me antibiotics. The red mark is still there and I feel fine - I hope they give it to me this week as I want to get started.

I had 3 doses of the steroids last week and no treatment and am going to start them again tomorrow in the hope I do get it.

How do you manage 3 days of high dose steroids - it sends my brain hyper and I talk constantly - and sleep is almost impossible.

I have read a bit about Taxotere but try not to look too often and scare myself silly. I think it’s almost certain it is going to be harder than FEC.

Take care


Good Luck Good luck for tomorrow Cherub. I hope the side effects aren’t too bad this time. Great that it’s finally your last chemo.

Anita good luck for Thursday.

Love Anthi

Hi Anita.

I find the steroids make me very hyper and I am often awake until 5am. I have to move to the spare bedroom so I don’t keep OH up. I often have to read during the night or listen to CDs. OH is out 10 pin bowling tonight, so I am ironing and making rhubarb tart to use up some energy. In my case, they have also manifested the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, but I’ve been assured this should go back to normal a few weeks after chemo finishes. I have to check my blood sugar with a little metre 2-3 times a day. It was normal for 2 weeks, today it has shot up so the hospital will check it when I get my chemo/herceptin tomorrow. I had my treatment suspended for a week to get this sorted out and the extra week seemed to do me good as it let me get my energy levels up a bit. They have told me today that my blood results are all very strong, so I am pleased.

Don’t worry too much about Taxotere, some patients have few problems. After the first one I thought I couldn’t do it every 3 weeks, but I realised I had no choice really, so I had to keep going. OH assured me he would get me through this and he certainly has, so I owe him one I think. Once you get to the end you won’t believe how far you’ve come, so stick with it.

Thanks Anthi & Cherub Spoke to my BCN today and she thinks I will be OK for the chemo this Thursday.

Can I ask about the steroids - when I took them for the FEC I was advised to get them in early in the day, but with this Taxotere will it make any difference when I take them? I took them at 8am and 12noon and still only got 2 hours sleep. I can’t imagine what I will feel like after 3 days and the Tax on top!

Enjoyed a nice glass of pink tonight - as it’s been nearly 5 weeks since my last chemo I am feeling better than I have for a long time. As you say cherub, at least my bloods will be up and in a better place to start on the Tax.

Good luck for tomorrow xx

Good luck with tax Anita and Cherub I struggled a bit with it but has to be done. Thinking of you both love Eileen

hi anita i have had three FEC and two texotere yes the texetere is bad i had a six week stay in hospital with neutropenia and had to delay my treatment by another week, my dose was reduced this time and i have been a lot better this time.(only one more to go).
i wanted to give you a couple of tips that i got of the site the first one is paint your all nails with very dark nail polish and you will not loose them, mine are black underneath half way up the nail but since i have painted them they have not got any worse. the reason for this is you nails become sensitive to light.
the other thing i do is freeze caprie sun drinks and i eat ice while i am having my treatment, you get a sore and swollen toung with the texotere this helps when you are having treatment and when your mouth is sore.
the fec and texotere both have there bad points and every one is diffrent you will need to rest and take it easy.
i hope your treatment goes well it will soon be over.
ann x x

Hi again all.

Well I’ve done it! My veins had completely packed up and it took 3 nurses and 5 tries, but I was too happy to be bothered. I gave the nurses a nice big box of Thorntons choccies to share as this is a big event for me and OH, we really feel we have come a long way and are positive for the future. I hope to be able to pull things together with OH’s business in a few months time. Still got the Herceptin of course and the next one is being done over at the hospital again as they just want to check the vein situation in case I have to be assessed for a line. If all is OK I will get the home visits started.

The hospital have cut me down to a half dose of the steroid for this one too, I might even get a bit more sleep ha ha.

Going to have nice chilled glass of something sparkling tonight.

With regard to nails, I have always had the worst nails on the planet, they chip and flake. I was very worried about them on Taxotere. I have kept dark polish on my toenails and I have using Boots No 7 Nourishing Nail Cream (it’s in black packaging) on my fingernails. It has done the trick as they are hard and healthy. I also found it a good idea to keep them trimmed and filed very short so there is nothing to catch on clothing.

Cheers everyone!

Congratulations Congratulations on finishing chemo. I hope the side effects are not too bad this time but even if they are - at least you know you’ve finished now.
Enjoy the glass of chilled sparkling stuff.


Thanks Anthi.

I have had a few calls of congrats from friends this evening and it really has given me a boost. Don’t know what I would have done without this site either. I felt quite scared the first time I looked in, but it really has been a help to read the experiences of others and to get good advice and tips.

Well done Cherub! You’ve done it! I’m so pleased for you.

Thanks for the tips on the nails - mine have this week really started to flake and I have them very short - been using a clear nail hardener but will try the boots cream. toenails painted dark all the time - tried to do this on my hands but it looks awful as the nail is just flaking away.

Take care


Congratulations! Well done on reaching the end of your chemo! I am due to finish mine next Tuesday and can’t wait (or is that the right thing to say? Do I want to wake up the next day full of aches and pains and tingling fingers?? and i can’t even drink to celebrate, Unfortunately I can’t tolerate alcohol until about 2 weeks after chemo)

Glad you seem so bright and cheerful I was wondering how I will feel.
That’s great news one more hurdle over!

Take care

Nicky xx