Last taxotere tomorrow ...

Hi All

Got my last taxotere tomorrow and have been told will be reduced to 80% of the dose due to my hospitalisation last week. Not sure how I feel about that, as worried that losing 20% might have some affect. I did ask for the GSCF injections, but said no. I think it is quite common to have your dose reduced, but I feel that it is taking away some of the fight, but then I don’t want to get ill again and miss my daughters birthday in just under 2 weeks. As missed my little boys 1st birthday last week when in hospital.

I have also got a date for my CT Scan to check what is going on with my liver. It is on 3 December at 9am, (my daughters 4th birthday), but know wont get results til a week later prob, so not too stressed about the date. Although am so stressed about the scan, in case shows another spread, or there is no change, although know in my heart there must be, as my lump in my boob has shrunk. Its just knowing that they are looking and freaks me out a little.

And just made an appointment to see the Onc on 12 December, so will find out when I start Herceptin too and whats going on with my liver etc, and find out whether can do resection or ablation.

I always thought that when had finished chemo would be on Herceptin and something else, but dont think that is the case, and wondering if Herceptin enough to control/contain my liver. I see so many of you ladies have two types of drugs and wondering if I should be on something else, but so confusing really.

Anyway thank you for listening and I am stressing out again now.


Hi Dawn,
Had my last Taxol yesterday. hadn’t been feeling how i expected until i got home last night, then felt soooooo relieved it was untrue. A friend sent me a hysterical elf video online and I played it over and over laughing till I cried. Family started to look a bit worried! I think it was a combimationm of the relief, and the cocktail of drugs (and it IS a very funny video! - will put it on the site when I can work out how…).
Anyway, earlier on in my treatment when I had all that trouble with my blood counts, they talked about reducing my dose permanently to 80 or 60%. I was worried but we had a long chat with the registrar and she was convinced it wouldn’t do any harm - said that lots of people have it reduced to as much as 60% with no ill effects. It’s hard not to worry, but that’s what she said, so I think one dose at a reduced rate is unlikely to do you any harm in the long run. Also you have the cumulative effect of all those other previous doses in your system, which helps.
What is it about hospitals and birthdays! I had surgery on my husband’s and 1st chemo on my son’s. You’ve hit both your son and daughter’s birthdays. Sod’s law i guess.
Great that the lump in your boob has shrunk and you are aware of that as a fact. It must help keep you feeling more positive about the risk of further spread.
I’m carrying on with herceptin, but leaving off starting tamoxifen (I’m oestrogen positive) until after Christmas, in case of unwanted side effects. I’m having another CT scan in Jan too - decided i didn’t want to risk waiting over Christmas for results.
Are you ER positive? I wonder if that’s why you thought you’d be receiving something else. All will no doubt be revealed tomorrow. They like to feed you one bit of info at a time, don’t they? Probably a good thing.
Hope your little ones are being angels and you are enjoying their company, and hope the treatment tomorrow doesn’t leave you too washed out
love and a hug
jacquie x

Dear Dawn and Jacquie

Can’t add anything about the medication you are having, because I haven’t got that far yet! But you both sound so totally brave and wonderful and to have to go through all this with young children must be ghastly. Grit your teeth, keep going and keep finding something to laugh or smile about every day - brighter days will follow just as day always follows night. Hold on in there girls. Love and hugs. Sarah xx

Good luck for tomorrow Dawn. I wouldn’t worry about the reduced dose - this drug seems to take no prisoners and I’m sure a slight reduction will not dent its impact. Hope you get some clarity on what’s coming next.

Hi Dawn

Just to wish you all the best for tomorrow - the last one! May your veins behave beautifully. It is a great feeling knowing the real c**p will end. Wish you the the best for future treatment too.

Much love


Hi Dilys, Jacqui, Sarah and Jo

Thanks so much for your support - and hopefully my veins will continue to behave, been pretty OK so far, but then might not be soo good after the needles in hospital, had to have blood test every day and three different cannulas put in!!!

Ah well, here goes for tomorrow …

Hope you are OK too and enjoying the week, despite the pants weather.


Hi Dawn

Have posted on another thread to you.

Good Luck for tomorrow - will be thinking of you.

Take Care, love

Anne x

Hi Dawn

Does not seem that long ago when our hair was falling out and the shaving began!!!
All the very best for tomorrow, and all you have to go through in the coming weeks.
You are very brave and deserve positive things.
My last chemo next week just hoping my veins survive as suffering cellulites in both arms at the moment.
Hope tomorrow and the coming weeks go well.

Kim x

Good luck for tomorrow Dawn.
Take care
Anthi x

I too have my last dose of TAX tomorrow so will be thinking of you!

I have also had my dose reduced due to the side effects - I was told by my onc that this was normal and would not lessen the effectiveness.

I am on my 12th lot of chemo tomorrow and cannot wait for it to be over.

Lets just keep everything crossed for a good outcome.

Hope today went ok for you and the steroids don’t stop you sleeping!