Last taxotere yesterday, no sleep... but feel great!

Well I have had my last (hopefully) dose of Taxotere yesterday and despite a completely sleepless night I am feeling very positive and like I am about to start to get my life back.

I have had 6 x FEC and 6 x Taxotere (with herceptin) with mast and anc in between so a whole year of treatment by Christmas.

Now all I have left are 12 more herceptin, 5 weeks of Rads starting at Christmas as bumped up queue due to cancer size and veracity (sorry folks!) and apparently between 3 - 18 months before my feet and hands recover.

But the good things are
* After 5 months of palpitations, pain, infection sores and blisters (all very unusual) I had my PICC line out today and I can’t wait for that long hot soak in the bath tomorrow.
* I should have some sort of coverage of head hair by end of Jan and enough to get a “style” by April time… can’t wait for no more hats, wigs or children pointing!
* Whilst I have been having treatment (particilarly post op and again unusual I think) we were told that we should not go away at all - even for a night and despite sneaking off twice for one night we have not had a break for a year so Las Vegas for my 40th Bithday in the week before Christmas will be great AND
* Having had so much bad luck this year - I must be due some good luck on the roulette/ poker tables…

So I hope a bit of my good cheer rubs off on all of you - I am damn well not going to go through a year of pain and angst and not recover at the end of it - so the only way is up and I have my fighting head on.

My butcher - who is 82 - told me on my way home from chemo that he was diagnosed with Bone cancer in 1982 and he had 2 bones in his hands removed and apart from that no treatment through his choice - he was told at his scan this week - that his cancer is NO WORSE than it was in 1982. He has the best attitude of anyone I know (his wife died of cancer some years ago - hereditary). He really made me buck my ideas up - An inspiration!

The people on this website have also been an inspiration all the way so all I can say is THANK YOU and those words are not enough!

For me I am hoping life begins at 40!


Hiya Kate great that yopu have finished the dreaded taxotere. It will take a few weeks for the side effects to lessen but lessen they wil land hopefully you will forget how rotten it was I know I have forgotten the chemo. Wouldn’t like to have any more though. Love Eileen