Lat Dorsi Reconstruction on other breast - Guildford

Morning ladies,
I have just been diagnosed with cancer in other breast. Had Mastectomy and reconstruction in 2005 and now the same thing happening again on the other breast. The good news is that I am not going to have to have chemo this time just rads but I am so scared as I suffered so badly for a year with back problems after my reconstruction but they said it was the healing being slowed down by the FEC chemo. Has anyone gone for another reconstruction and had problems. I am so scared and wonder whether to just have implant but my reconstruction was so good to look at that i want to look as normal as possible. I am at RSH in Guildford under Mark Kissin has anyone had him? I wonder how bad my back will be with muscle missing both sides.
Please help I am so confused and shocked that this is happening all over again.
Thanks ladies
Sue x

Hi Sue

So sorry to hear you have been diagnosed in your other breast.

I am afraid I can’t help you much as I have just had one right mastectomy with no reconstruction but I am sure lots of lovely ladies will be on here soon
to give advice.

Just wanted to say that I too go to RSH for my chemo but not under Mark Kissin. I will be thinking of you next week when I am there and hope you soon
get some posts to help you.

You have done this once, you can do it again.

love Pauline

Thank you so much for your reply Pauline.
I was at RSH for my chemo and I think the nurses are fab.
All the best to you in your recovery.
Sue x

Hi Sue,

I don’t come on here very often now but we were diagnosed around the same time and often chatted then. When I saw your post I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you have been diagnosed in the other breast and have to go through more surgery.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any advice, but am sending a big shoulder to lean on if and when you need it.

Sharon x

Hi Sue,
I can’t personally answer your query but I am also being treated in Guildford.Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.
When I had my ld recon there was a lady in at the same time who had had bilateral reconstructions done at the same time , so there must be others in our area. One thought would be to ask at the Beacon centre at the RSCH to see if they could put you on to anyone or the breast care nurses at the hosp should know.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

Hi Sue,
I’m not actually being treated in Guildford but when i was first diagnosed I was told by a nursing sister (who had been treated for cancer) that Kissin was highly thought of and RSCH has a good reputation. Hope all goes well

Hi Sue,
I’m sorry to hear your diagnosis, I am under Mark Kissin at RSCH.
I haven’t had breast cancer, but due to Hodgkins in my 20’s and mantle radiotherapy, research showed that my risk was highly increased.
Mr Kissin gave me options, but I decided to have a double mastectomy and LDFR (with no implants)
I had my surgery two years ago and I would trust this wonderful Man with my life.His team are magnificent and you will be so well looked after.
Yes, the recovery was hard but I received so much support from the team and the wonderful Fountain Centre.
I would suggest talking to Suzie Merry (Br care nurse at clinic) and She might put you onto someone who has had the same proceedure.
I have recently spoken to a lady in this context and I hope I was able to give her some honest facts and advice.
my thoughts are with you,
be strong, Heather xx

Hi Sue

So sorry to hear you have been diagnosed in your other breast.

I can’t helpt you with this as i’m due to have a bilateral mastectomy in November. As you i’m concerned to how i will be with 2 scars on my back and also what cup size i will be as there’s not much on me.

Hope all goes well, and at least your not having to go through that lovley chemo again.

be strong and stay positive

Hi there Sue and Karen,

I’ve had two mastectomies with immediate recons using lat dorsi so thought I’d reply. So sorry you have to go through this again……I was a wreck for the few months leading up to the second operation but it was such a relief to actually get it over with.

My first was in March 05, second Sept 06 (prophylactic). I am pleased to say that I am doing fine with the two. My first was damaged by rads so had one lot of lipomodelling in June, and awaiting second lot. This was relatively easy op so not worried at all about the second.

The scars don’t bother me at all and have faded very well indeed. You’ll just match after this next op! My back is still numb and I expect will be for ever but again, that is fine and I do still enjoy a back massage despite this.

I must be honest and say that after the second recon I did have episodes of extreme discomfort as my remaining muscles just seemed to be screaming out that they couldn’t cope but all I needed to do was to lie down, give it a rest and take some normal painkillers and it was fine again…as my back got used to the difference the other muscles must have got stronger and these episodes stopped. I still have to be careful and avoid any lifting etc that is not absolutely necessary as this can cause me back ache usually in the muscle around my shoulder blade.

I was told that one does not need ones lat dorsi muscles but have found out what exactly they do now that they are not there…for example, I couldn’t open my friends sliding french doors or the sliding door of a taxi for quite some time but can now - I can’t push myself up like when I have my back to a wall and put my arms behind me to push myself up onto the wall…just does not work - or push myself up to get onto the worktop to reach a high cupboard - I was told of a lady who had a little problem with a bull as when running to get away from it she discovered that she did not have the power to push up on a wall to vault it – I also have a little difficulty turning and moving in bed again from the difficulty pushing myself up from certain angles. None of these things is dire though and I am quite fine.

I do hope this gives you an idea of what you might find but of course we are all totally different….I also made some changes to my workstation as on PC a lot and needed ensure this did not aggravate my back.

I would be happy to answer any queries…
Best wishes, Buff

Hi, I too was treated at Royal Surrey. I have had two mastectomies and LD flap reconstructions. The first was by Mr Layer , the other breast surgeon there, and the second by Mr Kissin. You can definitely tell the difference. Mr Kissin’s is a fantastic job. He takes so much care with every one of his reconstructions and he was one of the pioneers of this particular op. I have had junior doctors not able to spot that I had a reconstruction on that side.

He is a wonderful man - very caring and I totally trust his judgement. He has held my hand and reassured me many, many times. Susie Merry, the BCN, is also very, very good.

I am no longer at the Royal Surrey now because I decided, on my secondaries diagnosis, to transfer to the Marsden. This is because I think I have had all the breast surgery I can have, and need, first and foremost, the best oncologist in the business rather than the best surgeon.


To Sue46
Hi Sue46, I had bilateral LD construction in July and unfortunately the side which had had radiotherapy failed due to lack of blood supply and I had to have it removed which left me absolutely devastated as I ended up with 1 boob and I’d had both removed originally to be balanced. I’m now going to have a second attempt with a tram flap reconstruction and to be honest I’m scared stiff in case this goes wrong again. Having both muscles removed from my back was a big operation and I had problems with one of my scars and it has taken nearly 4 months to feel better and although my back will never be the same again it’s not bad at all and I’ve got all the movement back in my arms so I can’t moan at all about that. I’m quite slim and haven’t got a lot of fat on my tummy to make another boob so I know it is going to be really tight afterwards.If the first reconstruction had worked it would have certainly been worth it but if this one doesn’t work and I end up having to have the one that worked removed to balance me again I will be so sorry that all my body has been cut up with nothing to show for it. Wishing you all the very best and hope I can come back on here in a couple of weeks and say I had success. Beryl

Hi everyone

Thankyou for all your comments on the reconstruction.

My surgeon has decided to do immediate reconstruction with expander implants even though i will be having radiotherapy. i know this can go wrong like any other reconstruction but have decided to give it a go, they have told me that it is a 25 - 50% failure rate, so i’m doing lots of positive thinking that i will be one of the 50 - 75% success’s.

I’m all set for the 8th Nov now, very very nervous but at least the C will be out.

Hi there,
I’m new to this site but I have been treated by Mr Kissin for many years now and all I can say he is absolutely fantastic, he and his team have explained everything to me in great detail.
I have had chemo first of all then I had a mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction. It felt a bit strange at first but I can honestly say I have never looked back (pun intended!)
All I will say is that you are in extremely good hands and just dont hesitate to ask Mr Kissin any questions or if you have any doubts talk to him.
I’m soooo glad that I am still under him at the Royal Surrey although I live in Bognor Regis.
Good luck Sue, be positive, I’ll be thinking about you