Late to this thread

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for a bit on here but finally decided to take the plunge. I was diagnosed in June. I am having chemo first then surgery then radio. I am 43 and have 2 young daughters and no history in family.

I have had 3 Fec and was supposed to start Tax last Wed but my white blood count was rubbish and I got a reaction from some nasty bites in garden so BCN and onc postponed by one week and prescribed antibiotic. My mid point MRI looked good so was feeling positive and not too upset about this.

However, I have felt a tiny lump at my collar bone on the affected side this afternoon and am now in full blown panic mode. Will see BCN and onc Tue 9am for bloods and will speak to them then but can’t stop worrying…

Any advice/words of wisdom??!!!


Hi Chenks,

Have you been given a number that you can call 24/7 if you have any concerns?. I have to call the hospital and have a bleep number to speak directly to a MacMillan nurse. I wouldn’t wait until Tuesday, not that anything is necessarily wrong but just for your own peace of mind and sanity.

Take care x

I agree with Mazzi. I have been given a 24 hr number to phone. I would give them a phone call for peace of mind and advice. Your brain will be imagining all sorts so talking to a professional should help. Good luck. Xx

I phoned the number and the nurse was reassuring. Although she couldn’t be sure, she said it could well be lymph gland which has reacted to the infection in my body. My kids have both been unwell with bad coughs this week and I have felt my glands up a bit. She said that she would email my nurse and consultant and let them know so that they can get back to me and are in the loop before Tuesday.

Thanks for getting back to me, ladies, I really appreciate it. Although I am still worried and thinking about it, I am a bit calmer now.

Onc and BCN checked me over and couldn’t find anything. They think I may have been pressing on thyroid gland. They reassured me that their scans are very thorough and told me to stop feeling about for lumps. Phew. Good advice.