Launch event for 'LB women & breast cancer' briefing

Hi everyone

Just wanted to say it was lovely to meet some of you at the event this morning and thanks so much to norberte & moorcow for your presentations.

If you want to see the final policy briefing, it’s on the website here: and you can contact Kiran if you’d like a copy posted to you.


Hi everyone,

I just want to say that Moorcow’s talk was great as was the talk Norberte gave via DVD. Both talks highlighted a number of very important issues regarding the experience of lesbian and bisexual women with breast cancer, illustrated with examples from their own personal experience. Thank you both and congratulations for putting together informative, interesting, engaging, important and powerful presentations!

Indigo Pearl

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Hi everyone, it was so lovely to meet so many people yesterday - it was a good do and people were so welcoming and warm at the BCC offices. Norberte, your talk was great and had us chuckling; Indigo Pearl, so lovely to meet you, I felt a bit overwhelmed after the talk so sorry if I was a bit blank when we chatted. Kiran and Leah and Jane , thanks for all your hard work too.
Lets hope this will improve health care for lesbians with any illness. And by the way Norberte, daaaaaahrling, you did not look fat!!! Perhaps you may say a trick of the dvd, who knows, but we were gripped. I’m now off to swim cos it seems to keep my left arm moving better and hopefully some of my excess pouinds will drop to the bottom of the pool as I go…
warm wishes to you all, Nicola

Do we get to see the contents of this famous dvd with slimline amazonin Norberte? I’m interested in a summary of the presentations if that’s possible.

hey look! - i posted here (instead of just lurking) and i claim my prize.

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all I can say is thank the godess they didn’t video me - I go all drama queen when doing presentations so its best not recorded for posterity! Nice to "meet "you sky2sea, Nicola

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Haahaa N ! They did take a photo though so hopefully you can see my ridiculous “breast cancer shoes” - I went frivilous on the day after my diagnosis and bought shoes like I used to wear bfore I discovered the joys of DMs and other flats about 30 years ago-thought they ought to be there too! N

The mind boggles - do you mean shoes with heels instead of good solid dykey ones? I’ve got bc ear rings - dangly ones like i used to wear 30 years ago. The theory is that they will distract from my pale round head.

D x

YES I do indeed mean heels - great big shiny bright blue ones! SOme of my friends who veer towards being in the lesbian police coulnt get their heads around them, but most people got the sheer ridiculousness…my niece, 20, sid they were awesome and could she have them when I get bored so I was very chuffed with myself!
Like the sound of your earings -and by the way - your fabulous picture…my hair not far off resembling a highland bull’s haris at front of its head at present! Best thing is people not sure if its a chemo hair cut or a dykey hair cut!!!
bw Nicola

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what about posting the famous blue shoes as your profile pic Nicola?

I don’t do make up either but also respect other dykes rights to blur the edges of stereotypes. Actually, I have been known to use tinted lip salve.

Have we gone a bit ‘off message’ on this thread d’ya think. Should we have an idle chat thread?

so, great idea S2S -just one shoe here, lonely like my breast! Not too badly off message I think - maybe a little adjustment, but still a very supportive lesbian space. bw Nicola

Wow! very impressive. Can you dance in them? Or, if you’ve been fibbing and only have the one, can you hop in it?

Ahh yes indeed I can dance in them - went to a friend’s 50th and one of the young people who is “significant” to me, (other people would use the word goddaughter here) was there. I challanged her to a pogo ing comp…and I won wearing these shoes! She is 20 and was in flats…not bad I thought. bw N

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