LCIS and Surgery

LCIS and Surgery

LCIS and Surgery I have posted this on behalf of evaie

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After having had my first mammogram at the age of 49, I was recalled as there was some calcification to be seen in two small areas in one breast. I then had a core biopsy which confirmed something suspicious, then a mammatone biopsy which I have been told today showed that it was LCIS. The Consultants have discussed together and all agree that although they say it is not invasive have said I need surgery to remove the whole area that both sites are in. However, just looked it all up on the internet and everything says sugery is no longer done for LCIS. Has anyone else had surgery for LCIS?


Dear evaie There is a post in this room by DianaP called ‘Help with LCIS diagnosis’ which you may wish to read as you seem to have similar concerns at the moment. You are also welcome to contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm if you would like to discuss your concerns with one of our trained helpliners or breast care nurses.

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LCIS Evaie,

Hiya! I posted on Diana’s thread too. I read everywhere that surgery is not done for LCIS, and they prefer to just monitor it. I had cancer in left breast along with LCIS so had mastectomy a month ago, and am choosing to have the other breast removed as well later on as that has lots of LCIS. Consultant thinks this is good idea. Have your consultants said why you need surgery given that the advice is to monitor??

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Jacki xx

Hi Jacki,

Thanks for your post, nice to hear from people with similiar experiences. My consultant feels that they need to be sure there is nothing more nasty going on as is so difficult to make the correct diagnosis. I don’t think it helps that I have two sites about 1.5 in apart and they have only got samples from one area despite a core biopsy and a mammatone biopsy.

How are you after your mastectomy?


LCIS Hi Evaie

Wish we didn’t have it, but it IS nice to talk to someone else with LCIS.

I am fine after my mastectomy. It wasn’t painful (well, codeine and other such stuff sorted that out!), just uncomfortable. Takes 4-5 months at least to recover but I’m doing well after just 4 weeks. Get tired very easily - understandable.

I’m not sure how my LCIS is situated in my remaining breast. I saw the consultant on Tues and he said there was a lot of it and I am high risk. I have another appt with him in 3-4 months to check up on how I’m doing on hormone therapy, and I think we’ll discuss the LCIS more then.

Since I didn’t find the mastectomy too bad, I definitely feel that another one is the right way to go for me. It’s all the worrying that’s the worst bit in cancer, so far, so if I can eliminate as much of that as poss by removing the breast, then - hey! Off it comes!!

Wonder if they’ll put you on Tamoxifen as that’s supposed to help reduce LCIS, I believe.

Jacki xx

LCIS and Surgery Hi evaie
I had surgery in March for LCIS and I am just about to undergo 5 week course of radiotherapy. I have posted on Diana thread who is also concerned about her LCIS diagnosis.

Although my LCIS was non-invasive my consultant explained they just dont know whether or not it could become an invasive cancer in the longer term so rather than take the risk, I had surgery . Put it this way I was not about to spend the next 20 or 30 years (I am 51) wondering whether the LCIS lump sitting in my right boob would become invasive!!

I had day surgery with no discomfort (nice shot of morphine took care of that). I was a bit sore for a few days but fit enough to go back to work within 10 days.

My radiotherapy starts in two weeks and this is to ‘clean up’ the surrounding area where the lump was removed. Again this is not strictly necessary but I am taking all the treatment they are offering!!

Trust your docs and BC nurses, they would not recommend surgery if they did not think it was necessary.


LCIS and Surgery Tihs is for Evaie, plus anyone else who has also had surgery for LCIS.

In 2005, after a mammogram and then core biopsy, I was diagnosed with DCIS and then had a wide area excision. However when I returned to see my consultant I was told that it wasn’t DCIS at all but LCIS. I was also told that it did need to be taken out as it was ‘high grade.’ My consultant and various other doctors, attended a meeting and it was then decided to give me radiotherapy. I received a letter telling me this on Chirstmas Eve, which confused me as I had read that LCIs is not normally operated on and patients do not need radiotherapy, so I was very worried and frightened, and wondered what was going on. Then in January 2006, it was decided that they wouldn’t give it to me after all as the letter was apparently a mistake.

I did my own research on the Internet, and found that there are three types of LCIS, classic, florid, and pleomorphic, and that the last two variants can ‘mimick’ DCIS when first diagnosed. As I have been left with a lot of questions more than a year on, I am having an appointment to see my former consultant (in two weeks time), to hopefully get the answers that I feel I am entitiled to know, and which haunt me from time to time. Mainly I want to know which type of LCIS did I have and did it really need to be operated on.

I was interested to see that there are other postings now, (since I myself originally put a posting on in March about being misdiagnosed).

I hope this helps anyone who reads this.

Best Wishes to all of you out there.