LD Flap cut nerve & tendon advice please

I had ld flap 22 months ago. My consultant is now advising that he cuts the tendon and the nerve as well as replace the implant and reattach ld to chest.

Anybody had any or all of this done, need to be as sure as I can that this will bring some pain relief before I go for it. Thanks all.

Hi Shinysmiler

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Hello Shiny smiler

I had my immediate LDflap reconstruction without an implant over three years ago.

After a great deal of pain and discomfort I had the tendon cut. This did provide a great deal of relief but did not stop the "breast " moving across the chest in way that the surgeon and breast nurse had not since before. I did go and have the nerve cut in May 2008 and things again are much better. I still don’t feel entirely comfortable and the last time I saw the surgeon he said he could realise something from the chest wall and put some fat on my back!

If you would like to discuss this further please send me a private email. I am happy to talk to you on the phone. I did not understand what was going on and I felt very isolated because I could find no one that had a similar experience. My surgeon had not cut the nerve before and I found it all very stressful because in the end choose to go to another surgeon who had done the operation before.

In my experience it was worth doing and absolutely necessary to get some relief.

All the very best


Thanks very much Sallyann, I will send a private email and hopefully we cant talk on the phone.

Hi Sallyann

Hope you are well. Did you get my private message, I would like to speak with you on the phone if possible.

Thanks, Carole

Hello Sallyann

I don’t understanmd about re-attaching LD to chest?
The LD is used to hold the implant in place.

Can you detail this please or send a PM?

I have had a dismal LD “experience”, twice on the same side and am in constant pain. The second time I had it done I had the nerve divided but not, as far as I know, the tendon. The pulling is driving me to distraction but the second surgeon didn’t care any more than the first.

I’m afraid that this recon option is more of a con than an option.


The lattisimus dorsi (back muscle)is moved from the back and swung under the armpit and is attached to the petoralis major (chest muscle)- when the nerve is not cut the lat dorsi still works this is what causes the pulling. In my case the lat dorsi was so strong that it has ripped thru the stitches and is only attached in one small area leaving me with a crater where my cleavage should be.

Everytime I move my arm - grip anything, walk, move in any way at all really my recon boob pulls up and into the armpit.

The implant sits between the pect major and the lat dorsi.

Hope that clears that up for you. xx

Just answering on the tendon now, my armpit is swollen, feels quite hard in fact and looks strange, you can see the tendon and the surgeon is going to cut it and reattach it to the top area of the recon as its not an option to cut it completely. Get pain in shoulder and armpit as well as the chest area.