LD flap recon with liposuction!!

I think this is a future option if you have large areas to ‘increase’. Mine were small dents. But I think fat can be moved from any area in theory. My PS works from London.
I wish you could contact me for more info, I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about a particular surgeon on this site. Do you visit the ‘Other’ site, bcpals?

I am not on bcpals - but if that is a good way of making contact will register.I am due to see my surgeon in August but he could not offer this option either implant or reduction which I am not too keen on having-I just need to weigh up my options,maybe I should leave well alone but just need to discuss with surgeon. Thanks

Hi Helen

I am considering my options for reconstruction after a failed implant in Jan. I am really interested in Lipo as Ive been told that DIEP is not ideal as I dont have enough flesh on my tum and Im reluctant to go for LD flap with implant after having the last implant fail. I have seen two PS to discuss options but neither mentioned Lipo as an option. I live in London and would really like to find a PS here who is familiar with the procedure. I have recently joined the bcpals site. Are you registered there under Dancing girl?

Many thanks