LD flap reconstruction pain

I had my mx & LD flap reconstruction 20 months ago. My back scar is still painful & I get red hot needle type pain across my scar if I try to wear a bra. Is this normal & will it settle down?

I did have a flappy bit of skin removed 7 months ago & it became infected & split open. I had to have it packed & dressed for just short of 3 months, which won’t have helped.


Any ideas or has anyone else experienced similar? Thanks

My LD Flap was only 9 months ago and my back scars have healed better than the front ones. I had all the skin removed from my breast, and if I move quickly in bed without realising the pain is like a red hot knife where the join is. I think there are so many nerve endings affected that it can take years to go away. I only wear a “proper” bra on special occasions - like a night out or if wearing a more revealing top, or nice dress, and just wear the pull on ones the rest of the time. They are a bit hot for the summer though. My surgeon said I don’t have to restrict any activities I do, but if I do them, expect to be in pain! You can’t win  can you?  

Hopefully someone else who is further down the line will reply with some advice for us.  At least you know you are not alone, feel free to PM me with any moans or if you want to swap stories etc.

Take care

K M x


I had my LD flap op in march 2012. I still have pain in my back most of the time. It is tight and even though I did my exercises for ages after and seen physiotherapists quite a lot, I have come to realise now I will probably always have pain. It’s been over 2 years. I wouldn’t have had this operation if I’d had known this was what it would be like for me. I was told after the op,if you are slim then you will feel more pain with this type of operation.

Sometimes I feel bad about having compromised my back to gain a new breast but I have to be positive about it.

I also only wear the type of bras you pull over your head without any wires. I can’t suffer wearing wired bras anymore as they don’t fit right and cause more pain.

I have read on this and other forums how other women have suffered with implants also so there is really no easy decision to be made for or against any types of reconstruction unfortunately. Now it’s been done it’s just something that we have to learn to live with.














I had to reply to this thread as I am 16 months down the road and still experiencing back pain across the scar, and the hot needle effect… and wearing a bra - well we won’t even go there !! I work for my self (domestic cleaning) so have just resigned myself to the fact that it is probably going to take time for the pains to subside… although no one tells you this at the time, I too am a slim build but had no advice from anyone pre op to the after effects, but at the end of the day I see myself as one of the lucky ones, I am still here and will hopefully get to see my teenage daughter grow up… although I did have to have my implant replaced, which resulted in a less than happy breast shape now… but again a small price to pay, and after all my days of topless bathing are over, but I have resigned myself to save up for a photo shoot for my hubbies 60th so giving me that much needed confidence boost… good luck to all x