LD flap reconstruction

Hi all, I have been offered an LD flap reconstruction, hopefully Nov?Dec time.
It will be a second mastectomy and double reconstruction and I am a little bit nervous about the whole thing.
The thing that worries me the most is the amount of time I will be under anaesthetic (At least 8 hours I have been told)as I do not seem to do too well afterwards.
I also have bled quite a lot during previous ops.
Has anyone been through mastectomy and double recon for this length of time and how did you fare?
Also what sort of recovery period did you need afterwards and how long did you need help to do daily tasks straight after op?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Debbie. xx

I had ld recon on mx side and reduction and uplift on the good side. I was on the operating table for 7 hours. The anisthetic makes me very sick but other than that I felt fine. I was in hospital for 5 days and left with 3 drains that remained in place for 10 days.
The only down side that I found was the back ache, something nobody prepared me for. This is only temporary but I do wish that somebody had mentioned it! A hot water bottle and a V pillow helped with this. I didnt have any problems with the movement of my arm but I did do my exercises daily. Its a slow process but 5 months down the line im back at work (very physical job!) and really pleased with the results
If you have any more questions then feel free to PM me!

good luck with it all.


Hi, I had the op in February, went to Theatre at 8.30 back in my room just after 4pm. In hospital for a week, had three drains, no problems with back ache but seroma which was drained 9 times over a period of 10 weeks. Managed to shower and wash my own hair whilst still in hospital and was driving again after three weeks. Did also do my exercises every day and mobility is ok now, slight ache at times, but not sure if that is the ANC op or the flap. Also had the V cushion to prop myself up in bed. Good Luck with the op. Tina

Hi Debbie,

I had MX and TRAM flap recon, so not quite the same thing, but I was in theatre for an entire day, left ward at 7.30 am and was back at 10 pm, so a long anaesethic. I was fine afterwards and experiencedno problems from the anaesetic at all, just took me a couple of hours to re-enter the land of the living initially.

The first few days in hospital I felt very dependent on the nursing staff, but was able to shower myself on third day. Was in hospital for 5 days. First week to ten days at home I didn’t feel like doing anything more than taking care of myself so was nice to have husband around to make me tea and lunch etc. I was off work for 6 weeks as advised by myy surgeon but felt ready to come back at least a week earlier than that.

Good luck,


Thanks for your replies. I have to see my surgeon on the 20th of this month and plastic surgeon on 23rd October.
I am hoping the next time I see them I will have an operation date.
Thanks again. Debbie. xx

Hi all i had LD flap 11 days ago…i was in theatre for 8 hours, slightly sick but overall ok. was in hosp a week, still have one drain in and am back and forwards to check a heamatoma i have (collection of blood not seroma) the surgeons would rather leave it to go down on its own so i am happy to listen to them. I am resting all the time as i am still quiet tied, it’s early days but i must say well worth it. I was told i would have to wait between 1 and 2 years so i also went on cancellation list and i got the call after 7 months of being on the list, op done by my chosen surgeon, so well worth considering girls. good luck to all of u waiting, rubbish i know, pauline xxx