LD pedicled muscle reconstruction with implant

Hi There

I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who has had LD pedicled muscle transfer with implant surgery recently or in the past. I had a mastectomy two years ago following BC diagnosis. I had immediate reconstruction and was given a full implant on the right side using mesh matrix and a small uplifting implant on the left for symmetry.


After the op it was discovered I had to have radiotheraphy as well as chemotherapy as the tumour was a lot bigger than they had thought.This was very bad news, The radiation pretty much destroyed the chest wall and the external skin.  After two ops this year (first implant encapsulation and second external skin break down) , it has been suggested that I have the above procedure. I am slender and therefore no other op is suitable for me - also with the remaining uplifting implant in place the surgeon is keen to get the best cosmetic result.


I am a keen swimmer and active person and am worried about recovery. I also want to know that when they say three months recovery, what that means as far as looking after myself, and what I will not be able to do…driving, typing, tiredness, working  ie. what sort of incapacitation? Also how long after the op that full range of shoulder movement was recovered or whether this is ever achieved.


Would any recommend it??!!


Many thanks 



Hi Dizzie, I had bilateral mx with LD + implant in Jan this year. Recovery has been good, although longer than I expected (although I am given to unrealistic optimism & thinking I am superwoman!). I am very active & was similarly concerned about impact on my “usual” lifestyle. I returned to work full time in April after a phased return - tiredness was a huge issue initially but am back to normal now. I am back running again, relatively comfortably but swimming has been a problem and I wouldn’t say have full range of movement in my shoulder yet, although it’s possible that if I had the opportunity to swim regularly this might improve. I can do most things that I used to do pre-op but I am aware of my body now - if that makes any sense. Reaching up or out “pulls” which is why I’m struggling with swimming. Dusting is also difficult but bothers me much less!! I still have a lot of tension/tightness in my back where the muscle was moved and although I am getting used to it, it is wearing and will be top of my list to ask my PS about at my next appt.

Cosmetically (clothed!!) I look fab so no complaints there but physically I’m still getting there. Do feel free to PM me if you want any more info. Lisa xx