LD Recon/ bra question.

Please can anyone tell me if, after LD recon with implants, it is ok to wear an underwired bra?

Also how long post op, is it wise to leave it before being measured and fitted. I do not want to waste money on a bra if it isnt going to fit later.

Thank you.


Hi Jackie,

I had a bilateral recon last May using the ld method with implants, I was advised to wear a sports bra after the op, it was a good 6 weeks after that I was comfortable wearing an underwired bra.

When is your recon ? I must just say that I am really pleased with the results and found myself to be more uncomfortable than in pain immediately after the op. Take it easy and rest as much as you can and you’ll soon make a good recovery.

Please keep us informed of how things go

All the best

Hi Jackie,

Sorry I’ve just noticed you have already had your recon !!


Hi Karen
Thanks for your reply.

So am I right you wore an underwired bra 6 weeks post op?

I am now 7 weeks after my first recon. I have only just started wearing a non wired bra and I cant keep it on all day as I find it quite un-comfortable, but it also feels uncomortable not having any support on. I am a little bigger this time but I was wondering if this is my final size now.

I am due to have my second recon soon, I have already forgotten how much it hurt, its like going in for the first time.

Thanks again for getting back to me.
Jackie x