Ld recon - effects of cold on the numb bit???

Hi all.
I had my ld recon in June, it’s all healed beautifully and my new boob is awesome:-))
I have a problem with my back though, it’s still feels really tight and I have a large numb area. I really seem to feel the cold on this area too. Anyone else got this??
Kerry xxxx

Oh yes!

In fact now the weather is turning cooler I am again experiencing this sensation. Had my mx and recon at the start of Feb and told people I now had a weather forecasting boob - if it’s cold/damp it (boob and back) tends to feel tight/achey. I have an unproven theory it’s because the fat has been taken away from my back (it’s very flat now on that side) and the muscle is more epxosed to the elements now it’s in my front. Probably total twaddle but there you go.

Glad your result is awsome, mine is too.

Mine done 30th March - teach.
Fine through school hols and now back and boob tight on going back to work. Stress?? It also itches but its numb, weird!
Interestingly I used to get real chest cramp where I had had rads to my WLE scar. Particularly when I did yard duty every day rain or shine.
When discussing a LD flap to add more volumne to shrinking boob (rads??)and asked if he could get a better blood supply to the area when he was “in” (eternal opportunist).
He did! Also scooped out alot of dead? stuff caused by gama boost treatment 3 years earlier.Dont suffer from as much cramp now.

I have developed quite a large lump at the bottom of my LD (back) scar. Due to see surgeon on 5th in readiness for finishing op… any idea what it is? Dealt with the seromas at the time…its not that

Hi Blessing,
I get some phantom itching too, but less than earlier on in the process.

Lots of people describe feelings of having a rolled newspaper under their arm - I’d say a rugby ball actually - which I think is down to confused nerves

Overall I’m delighted with my recon and getting used to knowing it’s a cold or damp day by what my boob says!

Thanks rev cat and blessing:-)) good to know that I am not going mad!!!
Don’t have the rugby ball feeling under my arm, but have random itching on my back! Funny things nerves!!!
Kerry xxx

I’m asthmatic so cough quite a lot, boob jumps as I cough. Due on 12 to have some nerves and tendons cut to reduces this. Hubby is upset Im loosing my party piece… MEN!

Blessing that made me laugh - and in turn made my recon twitch. Yes, coughing, sneezing and belly-laughs and serious yawns all have their effect. I recently had a lovely walking holiday and found my boob became ‘stiff’ because the muscle clearly wasn’t quite so ‘redundant’ after all!

Have to say that the twitching has mostly gone away now but it’s never dull is it!