LD Reconstruction

Hi I had a masectomy and LD reconstruction last thursday, all went really well. fingers crossed so far… I have a huge amount of fluid on my back and have already had it drained a couple of times, am booked in 2 days for next 2 wks too. Has anyone else incurred a problem here? I hope it eventually goes away …
be grateful to hear from anyone else in similar situation?

Hi i had the same op, only had to have mine drained once though, but very uncomfortable at the time, did have to have the fluid from under my armpit drained a few times though, your very early days yet, please believe me when i say that it does get so much better as time goes on, i had mine on the 29th of june last year and its getting along great

hi i had mine 6th DEC. couldn’t believe how good it looks and op went. i have had problems with healing but i will get over it. i just couldn’t bare the thought of looking at nothing. mine is a good shape scar quite big as 6 weeks previously i had lumpectomy. do you both need any further treatment…
re fluid. i had lots like laying on a water bed . i have had it drained twice but think now the amount will disperse on its own. there is risk of infection if take all out so don’t want anymore problems. did yours go itself in end Alison. if so when. have you got full movements etc back now. any pain twinges still. its nice to know someone that had it 6 months ago and what they still experiencing etc if anything. if nothing when were you totally better… take care both. Julie

Hi I had a WLE Sept 06, 6 FEC Chemo and rads, on tamoxifen and zoladex. the bilaterial masectomy and reconstruction is because of strong family history. only had one done at the moment though. The hospital have already drained mine four times! I have got very good movements in my back which does not seem to be affected (i used to swim alot think it helps) and im doing my exercises for my arm which is stiff but not too bad. you are right it is like lying on a water bed!!
its good to talk to people in similar situations…im off to hospital tomorrow might suggest once a week drainage instead of two, although i suppose they know what they are doing! take care keep in touch

Hi, I had mine in Nov.07 and had the fluid drained twice. My surgeon said it was like having a hot water bottle on your back and he was right. He also said that some surgeons do not drain it off, but he would if it became too uncomfortable. The more active you are, the more it seems to build up, a good excuse not to overdo things. It will settle eventually but eveyone is different.
Good luck