leakage from recon now implant is in!

I had my implant FINALLY put in last week, everything was fine for 3 days and then i became a human fountain! Yesterday the surgeon syringed some fluid out and said it was “fine” and i just had to deal with it. Today i have soaked through 2 tops and 2 bras and am now sat here with a sanitary towel in my bra! how long does this go on for? Its only a small hole but an awful lot of fluid seems to be coming out! I get married in 5 weeks and this was supposed to be my final hurdle - I feel really disappointed!


Hi Deed

Where is the fluid leaking from?

Did your surgeon warn you of any fluid leakages at all?

I had my implant put in in June and so far all seems well…

I think that you need a clear explanation as to what to expect from your surgeon, regarding the fluid.

Did you have a tissue expander previous to the new implant?


Hi, I had a leaking boob about a week after my op, it turned out to be the betadine that is sloshed around at the op, I wish someone would ahve mentioned it as a possible after effect. It cleared after about a week,and is fine now

hope yours soon stops leaking

take care

Thanks for your replies. Its not the expander. I had the implant put in originally in April but it became infected and started leaking which is why im panicking now. The surgeon took some fluid out yesterday and said its was fine. It apparently comes because I have a “hole” under the muscle and the body produces fluid to fill it. Its coming out of a hole on my scar. I have to admit that the hole isnt big but the amount of fluid thats coming out of it seems immense. I phone BCN this afternoon and she told me is was normal and could go on for weeks!!!

Could it be seroma? mine did’nt leak out but I had to have it drained for quite a few weeks after. If thats what it is, not to worry it is unpleasant but should stop eventually.

Take care.


Thanks Jan,
I think it prob is a seroma but really worried about the scar breaking down because it constantly wet and also infection. I dont know whether im better off covering it up or walking around topless (and hoping nobody comes to the door) so the air can get to it.
How many weeks did you have to have yours drained. Im panicking cause i get married in 5 weeks and would really really like this all over by then!!!


I had LD reconstruction and the seroma was under my scar across my back, I had it drained once a week for six weeks, thought it would never stop but it did.

Hope it all settles down before your big day.