Leaking drain site

I had mx on Monday afternoon and was sent home with a drain. I am feeling fine although rather bruised but now the drain site is all wet. Should I go back to see the breast care team or is it normal?

Go back. Your wound needs checking. May be nothing to get worried about but it doesn’t sound normal. it’s always better to get reassurance.

Hi, my site got like that, I phoned bc nurse and went to see her next day, was also painful, she took it out and said it had failed , it was about 9 days post op, when she took it out sounds horrible but loads fliud came out after, all over floor, me her. It shouldn’t leak , worth getting it checked plus leakage could compromise your skin and healing, hope you get it sorted. Ps doesn’t hurt coming out well didnt hurt me, bit of relief to be honest, did have to have site drained once after this about 3 days later approx 150 ml but ok since x

I had a leak too - luckily it was on the morning I was due to go in to have the drain removed (7 days post-op). The side of my nightie was all wet when I got up. I did remember tugging the drain a bit the night before, though, as I’d got tangled up taking my top off…

Hi I had same problem mine leaked after 24 hours, was advised to go to A.E, was just mopped up and sent home, next day drain fell out altogether, district nurse came daily to check it, seemed fine, but after 10 days I did develop a seroma which had to be drained twice but now almost 4 weeks on all seems fine again, so actually only had drain in for 24 hours