I had an infection and now on anitbiocs (lumpectomy 4th Nov) Been feeling much better today, pottering about the house getting a few jobs done and next thing is I am soaked down the front of my t-shirt. Took it off and my bra and looks like its come from my wound. yuk! I have rang the doctor and waiting for him to call me back but has anyone else experienced this? My boob actually looks better, not so swollen.!!

You may have had a Seroma (build up of fluid) that has some how found its way out.I had one drained after my lumpectomy .

Lovely!!!At least you are more comfortable.

I had an infection like that and had it drained a few times, then I had to “milk” it in the shower, like expressing for a baby! It should calm down soon - keep it very clean and sterile.

ive had the same problem and its not nice is it !! 

only thing is i think it will delay my rads which will then get in the way of my plans for christmas which involves going away to a log cabin in scotland !!!

Di x

just been seen by my BCN & consultant and theyve decided no Rads till my blister has gone !! Going to aspirate it every 3-4 days - there goes my plan for finishing before Christmas. They all look a bit gobsmacked when they look at my boob as its away from my scars - Im wondering if it was caused by the first aspiration !!

Di x