leaving a horrible taste

Has any one any tips on relieving this horrible chemically taste in your mouth during chemo, cant seem to shift it no matter what I suck,eat,or drink, my teeth have never been cleaned so often either, must be something that could relieve it for longer that 5 mins.

Hi Cme

I found that fresh pineapple, cut into chunks and then frozen helped my mouth immensly. Sucking a chunk now and again made my mouth feel fresher and helped stopped any ulsers etc.

Anne xx


According to the nurses in the chemo unit my way of dealing with the awful taste was one of their strangest, but it worked, to a point, for me. I chewed liquorise toffees. They have a strong enough taste to wipe out any other awful taste. Now chemo is finished I can’t face them though.

Take Care


Hi Carole,
Like Andie, I am going through bags of liquorice too! The horrid chemo taste seems to last until after the sore tongue and throat have healed. Ice pops, lollies, diet coke.(although they sting!) any other suggestions gratefully received!
karen xx

Hi All
Thanks for the tips will try the liquorice although I’m not a great lover of it but will try anything as its a horrible taste that chemo leaves.

Hi there

I sucked sharp, acidy sugar-free sweets and drank diet bitter lemon. Oh, and mini Magnums, too. The white chocolate and raspberry ones worked best.



I found liquorice good too… Julian Graves sell it in huge bags…it sort of takes the taste of everything away!! Need to get some more in for my next session next week!!!

Sarah xx

i used a non alcoholic mouthwash a lot…and fruit pastilles … and salt water gargle…because i didnt like liquorice…and yoghurts

Hi there

Finished chemo in June. Taxotere left the most revolting taste in the mouth but for me the only thing that could cut through sludge gob was Coca cola. Not a drink i usually have lots of, but did then.

All the best for your future treatment.


Hi all
These suggestions are great will try them all something has got to work.
Thanks Carole x

Have heard a few girls found lemon sherbert boiled sweets helped :slight_smile:

I haven’t had the horrible taste problem, but I changed toothpaste quite soon after FEC #1 to Squigle toothpaste, which has a high concentration of Xylitol, and might help? I had a few small mouth ulcers before having this, but what with that toothpaste and mouthwash, I’ve had none since, and no change in taste.

I got my supply of the toothpaste from mouthulcers.org/ after it was the most highly rated by sufferers as a good solution.

lemon sherbets - but only worked if i had it in mouth before chemo started, couldnt look at them now mind!!! the dentoly mouthwash stopped me getting any mouth ulcers too!!

Hi all, my chemo nurse said ginger beer helps I also found boiled sweets got me through.
Hugs to all going through treatment at present.xx

I use corsodyl toothpaste - it’s new and it tastes foul but it does help - als check that you don’t have oral thrush cause that will make everything taste horrid - all the other suggestions include sugar so watch your teeth and or your weight :slight_smile:

Coke works for me too ! I never drank the stuff till I started Chemo and then had a notion and now drink loads of the stuff - I hope it stops after chemo cause I know it’s not the best drink in the world ! There is a view that coke syrup is an anti emetic and at the moment I think I might agree it does help.

Good luck in finding something that helps x

Hi All
Thanks for the suggestions,got loads to try next cycle now will let you know if any of them work.
Carole x

Diet coke or lime and soda water worked for me but they had to be cold. Half the fridge was taken up with my drinks during chemo.

Haribo sweets work well (don’t use tangtastic). Also use plastic cutlery when eating, i know it sounds strange, but a friend of a friend in Australia advised me to try this. I had 2 x FEC before I tried the plastic cutlery and had a nasty taste each time. But the time of my 3th FEC I started with the plastic cutlery on the 1st day, and although it has not completely gone it is greatly reduced. My granddaughter thinks its hilarious me eating with a baby spoon and fork.


Just so you know, i became a cola addict whilst on chemo but have not really had any since finishing.

Its a passing phase, but a very useful one…