Leaving the port in or not?

Hi everyone

I had a LD reconstruction done in October 2007 so it is just over a year now. I had an implant which had a little port in just under the newly reconstructed boob. When I had my annual check a couple of weeks ago the doctor asked whether I would like the port removed or just left in. I said leave it in because I did not want to have any more messing around with surgery. I have now been having second thoughts as the port gets quite uncomfortable when wearing a normal bra rather than a crop top.

Has anyone else had a similar thing?

Any particular type bras that do not put pressure on the port and cause soreness?
Anyone had the port removed? How long does it take and does it involve a hospital stay?

Any help appreciated.

Sorry for posting about something so trivial as this but having gone through a mastectomy, radiotherapy and reconstruction I still get anxious about the slightest thing - I try not to…

Thinking of you all.



I had LD on about 4 weeks ago. My port is uncomfortable too as it sits right underneath my bra/crop top band. I spoke to my cons about it and he said it can be removed under local with a very small scar and no need for an overnight stay. My implant isn’t fully inflated yet, but as soon as it is I’m going to have to port out.
Love Polly

Thanks Polly - if it is that easy I think I will have mine out too.


Hi Sue,
Would love to know how you get on if you have it done before me Px

I am seeing my consultant next week so I will ask to have it done. Will let you know what happens.

Hi all - I had bilateral LD, and had both ports removed under local anaesthetic six months after initial surgery, done as a day case. Whole thing (including nipple tatoos) took about an hour.

Definitely been much more comfortable since!!! Can wear any bra / crop top without it hurting / itching.Scars are approx one inch long, and have healed so well they are hardly noticeable.

I found the whole thing a very minor procedure, and well worth the result

Good luck!

Thanks for this - it has helped allieviate my worries - feel such a wimp over something so small after all we have all been through!!