Hi ladies myself and 2 of my friends have got breast cancer all 3 of us have had a mx what i find strange is all of us have had the left bust of is it a pattern is there more women loosing the left than the right just a curiousity thing 4 me

Hi, how strange that you should all have problems with your left breast. Mine however is the right one. I have had a mastectomy on the right side. A bit of a nuisance as I am right handed and use that side for lifting and pulling of course.

I am left handed and find it difficult at the min only had op thurs

I was speculating early on whether handedness went with side of BC - I’m sure it probably doesn’t statistically, but sometimes people try to correlate injuries to the breast & subsequent development of BC. I’m right handed and got BC in my right breast. I suppose as I’m right handed I might have exposed my right breast to more trauma since I do more pulling, pulling, shoving with my right side. On the other hand I always noticed that my babies fed more from my left breast than my right because it felt more comfortable putting them in the crook of my left arm - did more breast feeding protect my left breast more than my right? All pure speculation of course (and the causes of one’s BC are multifactorial & ultimately unknowable) but an interesting post!!!

It would be interesting to do the stats on this. I am left handed and had bc in my left breast while a workmate who is right handed had it in her right breast. Also both of us 6 months before had increased exercise and changed diet to lose weight which from other posts i have found can lead to an increase in oestrogen. For both of us the C was oestrogen positive. Is this the same for anyone else?

My oncologist told me last week that left handed breast cancers are more common than right but they don’t know why. Mine was left sided too and it came up in a discussion about shielding my heart from radiation which they have to figure out in rads planning. My onc told me they have to do this more often than not given that bc mire common on left side.

Hello Ladies,

I am right-handed, but my bc was in the left breast! It will be interesting to see whether there are more ladies like me or whether many other ladies also have their breast cancer on the same side as their “handedness”.

hi all this is my first visit to this forum i have hade three ops to where i have hade to have my left breast removed three weeks hursday gone i have also gust staterd my treatment and it has blown me away du to something being so small like the size o a pea to being emoved has anyone got an tips for me during my treatment i also have freind who has also had her left breast remoed and she is doing great

2003 left side hormone +
2010 right side triple neg.
I am right handed.
There is a holistic school of thought that says left side is due to problems with family (parents or children) and right hand side is problems with partners, but I don’t have anything to back that up.
All the best to all of you, right or left


I am right handed but my bc was in my left breast. It was in quite an uncommon place according to my surgeon and my mam insists it was where I received a blow when I was a teenager. ( bless her for trying to find a reason for this sh*t) debx

HI Ladies,
I am right handed and also had BC in the left breast, i think it is usealy more common to have BC in the left breast, or so ive been told by my onc anyway. Dont know why that is though. Size doesnt seem to make a difference either .


another right hander and mine was also in the left breast

Me too, Right handed and Left Breast xx

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Think I was once told by a surgeon on a course that more common in left breast due to flow of blood,circulation round left side of heart, or something along those lines.


Hi I had wondered about this in the past. Am Rt handed and BC in Rt breast. Fed both babies more on Lt side and I still have their feeding diaries so this is not just hazy memories. Read in the newspaper today that handedness can be confused if a very strong magnet is placed on the head.).) No ladies I am not being frivolous really did see this, but guess that sort of malarky is too late for us and so what we got BC and could we have done anything about handedness any more than being female is is a v. high risk factor? Jackie

Alicats made an interesting suggestion about increased exercise and diet before diagnosis. I was in the process of losing weight when I was diagnosed and my cancer was oestrogen positive.
I wonder if that is true for many others.

hiya i am right handed and need mx in left breast this in interesing reading wonder how it will pan out x

So far 4 right 15 left