lesbians & bi women - we're out, we're proud & we don't want to squeeze ourselves into 'marital' status!

lots of glitches on the new site - to be expected, patience is a virtue as any of us having treatment on the nhs are aware
but no excuse for big equalities omissions in the content
‘marital’ status (what the ****'s that???) gives us the option of being complicated or going back into the closet
blimey, i thought it was 2012 …
yah boo sucks not good enough - but, conveniently, no-one will see this cos ‘latest posts’ isn’t working!

Hi Norberte,
Thankyou for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this as soon as possible.
Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

thanks Sam, we know you have a lot on, but there are so many variations for straight and lesbian / bi women between married and single that it really seems inappropraite to have such little choice in that section - also why oh why is it called marital status…we are NOT in the 19th century, and why oh why do we continue to have to fight about these things - the AA changed their system years ago to enable straight and lesbian/bi/gay people in relationships and not married to categorise themselves more appropraitely, and then changed it again when the CP came into law, which is now at least 8 years ago…
cheers Nicola

Thanks Sam,
Must agree with the others, do feel non-existent or squeezed into inappropriate descriptors - I’m not ‘complicated’ just in a CP and would like the chance to say so on my profile.
Thanks for passing our concerns on,I know the tech team have a lot on at the moment,but this is an important issue for lesbian/bi women.

& just one last thing
not that i’m suggesting the glitches have some machine-version of homophobia built into them or anything … but if you click on ‘forums’ you get a short list of latest posts & all my lymphoedema ones turned up … but not that last one
curiouser & curiouser, said alice

testing testing 1 2 3
will this reach the top of the tree??
(ie appear in latest posts)
civil status stuff still on the to do’s list, but there can’t be anyone at bcc-central who isn’t on diazepam by now

Hi all

just got back from a holiday in Spain and didn’t want to miss putting in my two penn’orth. I couldn’t get into the revamped site before i went away and now i’ve come back to a site that doesn’t include me by the sound of it. I think I’ll just post this and then see how it goes. hugs to all that I’ve ‘talked’ to before. x

hi s2s, hope you had a restful time
i’ve had a post in this thread deleted by mike! about equality of opportunity stuff!! am awaiting a proper explanation, will post more when i get it (hopefully in the next day or so)
blinking blimey, what on earth is going on round here?
& no, i’m sure this won’t get anywhere near ‘latest posts’, which still doesn’t seem to be able to scoop up latest posts & add them to its list

it being 2012, & all that, & while the equality act hasn’t yet been repealed (trust me, won’t be long!) we need to be questioning & working with bcc around embedded equalities
there’s not a lot of point in doing a huge bit of work around lesbians & bi women with bc, & asking clinical teams to make changes, if bcc couldn’t make the simplest of links back to that very recent bit of work yourselves! that’s dissing the thoughtfulness & time we gave you to you catch up with these ideas
i suggest we wait till the lesbian lounge is properly open again - like many of the others, the door needs a good squirt of wd40 every now & then (don’t get me started on the disablism …) - & start by asking bcc to tell us about the vast aamounts of work they’ve done on this already, wot with all the previous legislation & guidance for good practice that’s been knocking around for a century or so

Hi all,

Thank you for your comments. We will not go into detail about individual cases but make all judgements based on clearly stated terms and conditions.

Breast Cancer Care is committed to equalities and strongly values diversity. Our online community is moderated according to our Community Guidelines and we moderate posts that include swearing or use terms that people find offensive.

We always listen to feedback on policies and evaluate regularly. Should you wish to submit a formal complaint, please send this via email to mike.niles@breastcancercare.org.uk.

Best wishes,

bcc is committed to equalities like i’m committed to getting less fat
i’ve mean meaning to do it for years & i’ll get round to it eventually …
i’m glad the lesbian & bi women’s lounge is, at least, open even if it’s ‘policed’ from within heterocentrist norms
big hugs to all, will be in touch with some by email