letrazole I have been taking tamoxifen for 4 years and have been told I will change to Letrazole in January for an indefinate period. I had expected to stop tamoxifen after the 5years.
I would love to know if anyone else has changed like this. I don’t know if it is usual or if it’s extra as I am a grade 3, stage3 with 7/14 positive lymph nodes. I have read a lot of posts on this site but as yet haven’t come accross anyone on letrazole. I also understand it is called femara.Good luck to everyone.

pinklinda I went from Tamoxifen to Arimidex and have been on Letrazole for 6 months- haven’t noticed any difference. Letrazole seems to be similar to Arimidex but superior [this from my online reading]. All the younger ladies find Arimidex very achey making so hope you will miss this particular side effect with L. best wishes, dilly

Letrozle - aches and pains PinkLinda
I have been on Letrozole since April, after 2 years on Tamoxifen. I was diagnosed July 03, had WLE, chemo and rads (aged 41).
I had some joint aches and pains, but not too bad on Tamoxifen. On first changing to Letrozole these disappeared, and I started to sleep much better - not sure if anyone else had problems with insomnia on Tamoxifen?
In the last month I have started to get really bad pains in fingers and feet, especially bad at night/first thing in morning. I can now hardly bend middle finger on right (affected) hand, and keep waking with really bad pain in my feet and toes.
Not sure of anyone else has been affected like this, or have any suggestions? On Tamoxifen I swapped brands to NolvadexD and this seemed to realy help me, but don’t know that this is an option with Letrozole.
I have also put on weight with Letrozole, but not with Tamoxifen.
On the whole, Letrozole seems OK, and I’m prepared to stick with it - anything that reduces the chance of a recurrence.

Good Luck

Hi I am coming up to 4 years on Tamoxifen and am hoping I’ll be allowed to swap to Femara (letrozole) next year or the year after, as trials at The Royal Marsden doing 5 years of each were very successful in preventing or delaying recurrence.

Tam Ari best time 4 change Gandalf there was lot in the news in 2003 about the best time to change from Tam to Ari was 3 years. It seems that the benefits of Tam fall off as time goes by and that at 5 years the toxicity has built up too much for safety while the benefits are mini. Recommend you to have another talk to you onc after Googling to clue yourself up for serious info rather than my hearsay. best wishes, dilly

Dilly Thanks for your reply.

I tried to change to Arimidex after 3 years, but couldn’t because still pre-menopausal (at 54!!!) However a recent blood test and the dreaded hot flushes have confirmed that I am now going through the menopause, and I’m hoping to be allowed to switch to letrozole (which is different from Arimidex) in due course.

nj x