Letrozole for 10 years


Dear all


I am coming to the end of my 5 years on Letrozole. I’ve read reports to say that 10 years is better than 5 years so I emailed my breast care nurse to ask if I can stay on it for a further 5 years. She said there is evidence to support extended endocrine therapy for a further 5 years but this is based on your own specific cancer type, and is aimed at the higher risk group, those ladies who required chemotherapy. Letrozole is seen as one of the superior treatments, and 5 years is seen as adequate.


She also said she would discuss it at their next meeting. I’ve had a further response which reads:


“We discussed your case in our meeting on Friday, the team feel that we could recommend a further 5 years of endocrine therapy with Tamoxifen. The problem with extending treatment with Letrozole is that it could affect your bone health and increase the risk of osteoporosis.”

I’m a bit confused by this as I thought Tamoxifen was only prescribed for pre menopausal women ?

I really want to limit the risk of recurrence but not sure how Tamoxifen will benefit me.

any advice gratefully receive



I am post menopausal and because I have osteoporosis in the spine my oncologist changed my going on to letrozole to Tamoxifen, which is for pre menopausal ladies usually but it is kinder on the bones and he did not want to risk manking it any worse

Hi Feebs

I’ve been on letrozole for a year now, so can’t comment on your predicament.

But I hope you don’t mind me asking…how have you coped with it during those 5 years? Was it progressively harder? I’m struggling with the joint stiffness that’s for sure, and the tiredness. Hoping it’s not going to get worse!

I had a Dexa scan at the start of the year, and was told it would be repeated after 2 years. Did you not have that? You can request it from your gp.

Sue xx

Just to say twice I got cipra brand too …dreadful …awful side effects. .I insist on accord brand now.