I was diagnosed with intermediate DCIS last July, had right sided mastectomy and strattice reconstruction.  Also had lymph nodes removed and fortunately I was lucky as there was no spread of cancer.    My pathology results after mastectomy showed two small invasive tumours.    I was therefore put straight onto letrozole.   The side effects from this drug were quite bad, I put a stone and a half on in weight, had headaches, felt sick, very painful legs on waking in the morning and my cholesterol also increased.   I decided to stop this medication after 4 months, 31 January 2015 and feel so much better.


I was very concerned and felt really guilty about not taking medication which is to prevent cancer returning.   I was therefore added to an MDT discussion meeting between oncologists, nurses and radiologists.   I was informed that after my individual case was discussed that the Letrozole would only be of 1% benefit over 10 years.   I am so so reliev ed that I do not have to continue taking a drug that made me feel so bad.


I do hope that this inspires anyone else in a similar situation to question the decision for a drug, which in my case was completely unnecessary and very expensive to prescribe over 5 years.   Hence saving the NHS thousands!


I understand and sympthamise with everyone that has to take hormone therapies because they are obviously given out for the right reason and would not stop the medication until discussion with consultant, breast care nurse and GP.



Hi Bluemoon
My cancer was stage 2 invasive lobular and ducal with node involvement, had surgery, chemo, more surgery to remove all nodes and to see if they could get clear margins, the. 4 weeks radiotherapy. The second surgery revealed clear margins and the remaining nodes were clear (huge relief). Then I met with the oncologist who said I was post menopausal and would need hormone therapy and said it would stop the cancer returning he said it would give me a 20 percent benefit so I thought this is a no brainier. Started taking the ananstrozole on December 1 2014 but by day 5 the side effects were horrendous but continued by day 10 I was onto the helpline in desperation and feeling very very low. I was reading threads on here and someone mentioned the NHS Predict Tool so I put all my info in and it said the hormone therapy would only increase my benefit by 1.3 percent over 5 years and 4.3 over 10 years. I arranged to see my oncologist on day 15 and he fessed up that the 20 percent was 20 percent of the remaining 6 percent (the tool said I was 94 percent not going to get recurrence after all the treatment I had had so far) so I told him I did not want to take anymore he said leave it till Jan 19 2015. When I went back I felt 100 percent better said again I did not want to take it he wants to see me on 20 April but I have since seen my surgeon and told him, his response was it wasn’t enough of a benefit and go enjoy my life with quality.

I think we need to be able to have more info about the hormone therapy and feel we are able to question the professionals.

glad to hear someone else has done this


I am new to this forum, but I have been reading with interest about Letrozole. I am 52 years old. Finished my treatment in November last year. I was given Letrozole. I am suffering really badly with joint pain. It is so bad that I take about an hour in the morning to get going. Coming down the stairs is really bad.I feel I have also gained weight. I was a keen runner before I was diagnosed,but finding it really difffiuct getting back to my running.Morning running is definalety out, this is when I preferr to run. Anybody out there in the same boat ?