Letrozole - how bad is the change from Tamoxifen to this?

Consultant wants me to go onto Letrozole after 6 years on Tamoxifen (as probably through menopause now) However, I have read and heard that it’s not great for your bone denisty…aching joints and generally grim plus cholesterol increases…all grim!  I’ve already developed Osteopenia through Tamoxifen usage and tbh really don’t want any more joint pain.  Can you stay on Tamoxifen or is this pointless?? any feedback would be gratefully received.


I am still on tamoxifen, nearly nine years on from diagnosis, will finish next year.  I’m definitely menopausal now tho’ wasn’t at the start.  There’s no way I would do letrozole as it gives joint pains and I am a runner.  The evidence shows 10 years of tamoxifen is better than five. Letrozole may be better in post menopausal women but continuing with tamoxifen is a lot better than doing nothing,