Hi. My mum is currently taking letrozole. She is a vegetarian and feels that she would like to take some vitamin supplements. She also has a lot of joint pain and would like to take something for this. Does anyone know if it is safe to take supplements of any kind whilst having hormone therapy? Thank you, Kelly

I take Evening Primrose Oil for the Flushes and cod liver oil capsules to help my bones. I did check with docs and BCN first to make sure they were Ok.

Hope that helps


Hi. Thanks for replying. Promise oil is a good option for her. She was also hoping to take some kind of multi-vitamin so we’re unsure if they are okay too?


Hi I’m Vegetarian too and have taken letrozole with no problem since ladt September …I take flax seed capsule (veggie) too x

Thank you Helen Rose x

Afte the first 6 months of Letrozole, with the prospect of osteorporosis, I take a combined Vitamin Calcium and vitamin D pill daily and  previous knee and joint pains seem to have disappeared for now.