Lets get 'em working

Lets get 'em working

Lets get 'em working Hello All,

I was dx when pregnant, induced at 37 weeks and have a lovely healthy boy, and have just finished x4 a/c x4taxotere. My problem is my preiods have stopped- light spotting during a/c and nothing since. I have been warned by the docs that there is a good chance they wont come back. I am wondering wether there is anything I can do to stimulate my ovaries into working? I’m triple neg so there is no advantage in remaining period free. I would like to have the option of having another baby- greedy I know as I’m SO lucky to have Little H.

Thanks in advance


Dear Sam My periods have stopped too after 4 doses of epirubicin. My understanding is that it depends on your age whether your period is likely to restart once chemo has finished. The older you are the less likely.

It seems conventional medicine suggests we have to just accept it. However the alternative health view is slightly more optimistic as it generally stimulates the body into solving its own problems. Why don’t you look into the alternative choices; nutrition, acupuncture, reiki etc and when you’ve finished all your treatment see a practitioner.

I wish you luck. You sound very positive and accepting of your situation and to want another child is not greedy.

Love Jenny XX

Thanks Jenny,

I have in the past been quite cynical about alternative treatments but now feel like its the time to open up to some different kinds of help. Thanks for your reply.


cynicism Sam

I think it’s a good idea to have a healthy dose of cynicism in relation to a lot of things in life or maybe we could call it questioning. I apply exactly the same line of questioning to conventional medicine!

Re complementery therapies, I agree, there are many quacks out there just waiting to take advantage of emotionally frail people with health problems that can’t be solved easily.

I find it a good idea to approach everything with an open mind and then wait for the results. Sometimes there isn’t a scientific answer; it just works! ( or doesn’t )

Hope I don’t sound too evangelical


Accupuncture Hi Sam
I am having accupuncture for hot flushes and seeing a great accupuncturist. I sent a friend to him who has inferility (she doean’t ovulate) Well she’s ovulating now! I also saw one after I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and was told I wouldn’t get pregnant again, with my age and history of infertiliy, 3 months later I was pregant, she’s now 3yrs old and well worth the small cost!
Good luck and if you live near Milton Keynes I can give you my AP details.
Sue x

Thanks Jenny and Sue

I will try acupunture- I had it before I was induced and the midwives couldnt believe how quickly my contractions started, which may well have been helped by the acu. I certainlry helped me to relax in one of the most stressful times of my life.


Hi Sam
I was also diagnosed when pregnant and had ac and taxotere. My periods stopped for about 7 months and then were quite erratic for the next 18 months but this year (2 years after chemo ended) they have returned to normal and have just had a blood test to confirm that I am pre-menopausal, previous ones have shown that I was peri-menopausal. I’m strongly er+ so I don’t want to have periods but there you go! I do eat a really healthy diet and have reduced my exposure to toxins, pesticides etc as much as possible. Could you ask your onc. for a hormone test?

Take care
Bex xx

Dear Becks,
Sorry not to respond to you quicker I havent been checking- and have just had my WLE and lymph nodes done. I am afraid of getting the menopause test- sorry I do not know much about this- if you are peri-menopausal can it be reversed? or is that it? I dont know if I want to know at this stage- I’ll find out soon enough!

I feel treatment is a real endurance test and everytime I get on top of things the next treatment starts or I find out another unwanted side-effect.


Hi Sam

You have so much to deal with at the moment you don’t need anymore stress.

This journey is a physical and mental marathon and with small children although they are generally a pleasant distraction they are tiring and there isn’t much chance to have a rest.

I think what I was trying to say was that my periods have returned to normal (much as I don’t want them !) naturally so don’t give up hope. I had regular blood tests and my hormone levels were measured. I asked 1 doc who wasn’t an onc what the levels meant and he said that I was peri-menopausal ( building up to the menopause) by the very fact that I’m having periods means that I’m pre-menopausal.

Could you finish your treatment and then investigate this further when you have less to contend with?

Take care.

Becks xx