Level 3 node clearance

Hi I’m gunna be having my op after chemo and have been told will have a level
3 node clearance ! Has anyone else had this?? How was it ? I’m more nervous oif this than the boob bit!!! Lol x

Hi Jane I had full node clearance, or so I thought., well under the arm anyway. I think level 3 may mean the ones higher up in your shoulder? Not sure though… you will have to ask. There are 3 levels of nodes. After I had mine done, they told me I would now need rads on the rest. i.e. in the upper breast/shoulder,just in case there was any cancer in there, They said they cant access them during a mastectomy/reconstruction operation, as too high up. I would have preferred them to remove them tbh. I had 5/15 infected with C. So many different operations and plans for diff people. Really is best to ask your Onc. Take care val xxx

I had lumpedcomy and as my first lymth node was “suspicious” they removed all mine when i had that, They were all clear as were margins so i did feel a little annoyed that good ones had been taken i have to say.but as they were clear it meant no chemo so i live with it, but would have preferred to have kept them b ut i do have my boobs pretty intact so im greatful,  others dont.june

Well in my scan I could see the lump in boob then even bigger under arm so have been quite frightened about it ! She def sed it was cancer in the nodes before the biopsy which confirmed !!! I do know it’s shrunk as can feel it has but just scares me with the talk of level 3 x