Life after 9 months of treatment

To give ladies during treatment hope I thought I’d give a little post of my life 5 months after chemo.
During treatment some days it was a challenge to get to the bathroom myself and if I could, I considered it a good day.  I thought life would never get back to normal, I thought I’d always look and feel ill and couldn’t ever imagine being able to return to work, fitness, happiness. …life!

I cried a lot for 6 months.

Anxiety and depression I thought would never leave me. Thought it was my ‘new normal’ !!

I felt guilty for putting my family through it, felt angry it happened to me at 37, felt scared I wouldn’t survive.


Life is returning to normal. I’m happy, ive returned to the ditsy and silly person I was before. I love life. Doing stuff I enjoy doing every day …because I’m happy I’m alive and because I can. I’m grateful for the treatment although I may not have been at the time! It’s given me my life back. Life doesn’t have to change for the worse … I thought it would!
I’m running again, walking, seeing friends, loving family, on a phased return to work and appreciating life that bit more.

Treatment can at times be hard, it can make you feel the worst you may have ever felt … but it’s worth it.

Accept help, use the support network you have, talk about your emotions, counselling, get in the fresh air when you feel able, don’t think life can’t be good again  … we all have treatment so we can live again and not exist.

Don’t give up no matter how bad you feel today. Remember the horrible times will pass, good can come again.

Keep believing.

Light really is at the end of the tunnel.

LIFE is at the end of the tunnel xxx

Awesome post Emma ! I think it really helps to have this type of post for those who are just diagnosed, or currently going through treatment. We don’t have as many of this type of post as I would like to see here; you know when I first rang the helpline a year ago, it was hearing from a woman who was 25 years post treatment that really helped me. Wishing you continued health and happiness.



Do  you know that is one of the best and most honest posts I have ever read, I am a couple of months behind you and can totally relate to what you are saying.  You think at the time that this is it how can you come through it, but you do, you become stronger, all of a sudden that light is getting brighter and then you are there. 


I too am back at work, albeit I work part time hours and really appreciating life and how lucky I have been, bring on all my new adventures, especially my new garden design which is my project this year


Well done lady


Helena xxx

Your words works as an insiration for many struggling …there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Wish you a happy life ahead :smileywink:

Thank you, Emma. I really needed to read something like this. Depressed and low tonight envisaging five months of chemo, and now can see a tiny light glimmering at the end of my tunnel. Bless. X

Thanks Emma, I start treatment tomorrow and wonder what version of me will emerge at the end. So nice to hear life can be normal again so soon after. Xx

Really appreciate what you have written Emma…just what the doctor ordered!

Hi Emma


Have just read your wonderful post and can relate to every word, I too struggled through treatment and at the end thought “what if, what now”, but 3 months since my last rads life is looking sunnier, I am swimming, walking and slowly establishing a new “normal” which will be a different normal too my life before BC but I am alive and have so much to look forward to, there are days when I am still overwhelmed with emotions but they are getting fewer.

I managed to get on one of the brilliant Moving Forward Courses run by BCC and would advise other ladies to do the same if you can, it was uplifting and supportive, just what I needed after treatment had finished.

Take care all

Mary x