Life goes on... YIPPEEE! [Update from Tigerlily]

Life goes on… YIPPEEE! [Update from Tigerlily]

Life goes on… YIPPEEE! [Update from Tigerlily] Just wanted to say hi to you all. Hope you are doing OK.

i haven’t been on here for some while, as I have found that in my case life really can go on. For those who didn’t know me while I was going through chemo, lumpectomy and rads: I lost my partner to cancer a cope of years ago, was diagnosed with low grade breast cancer just months later, but was lucky enough to have successful treatment and an excellent prognosis - so it doesn’t automatically mean the worst when you are diagnosed, although i know I was lucky.

Anyway, I have been enjoying myself, have had a new, but brief, relationship, - lasted a few of months, but he wasn’t for me long-term - did me the world of good though! (Found its like riding a bike, as they say - it soon all comes back to you!!).

I am having a trip to Greece in a few months with my 2 sisters, have been to Belgium with a friend, Bath Spa with another friend, and am travelling across the Rockies in September with my Dad - and all in 2007!!

Anyway, my next, and most important, spot of good news that i want to share with you - I have been accepted by an adoption agency to assess me for adopting a child. I am thrilled - i thought the cancer would exclude me, despite my successful treatment and prognosis. I had my initial meeting with the agency the day after my diagnosis, then it all had to stop of course, and I had assumed that would be that. However, I got back in touch this year and have now had the initial visit & interview with a social worker, As long as my Medical reports confirm what i have said about my BC diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, then the assessment will start proper. People with my history have successfully adopted, apparently. I now there’s a long way to go, but I’m so thrilled!!!

I just wanted to share it with you - Many thanks to all you ladies (and men!) who helped me through my BC on this site. I couldn’t have done it without you all.


Hi Tigerlily


I am also finding that LIFE GOES ON!

Feeling better by the day so for you ladies that are a bit down at the moment keep going it does get better!

Good luck with the adoption keep us informed.

Love to you all


Hope the adoption goes ok, do keep us up to date.
So glad that things are looking up for you.


Soooooooooooo pleased for you Hi Tigerlily

I am so pleased for you, you deserve for things to be going well!!

Very impressed with the relationship!!!

All the best with the adoption.

Love Lesley xx

Hi Tigerlily I am so delighted to hear your wonderful news about the possible adoption. Thats absolutely marvellous and I’m thrilled for you.

Glad to hear also that you are having great fun in life since treatment finished. The trips sound wonderful, particularly the one with your Dad.



Thanks for your kind messages. Re; adoption - still exceedingly early days (and these thngs are so long-winded too). Will keep you all posted.

All the best

well done tigerlily
hope the adoption goes well
keep us posted

Congratulations to you !!! It is so nice to hear the “after” stories which fill me with hope and optimism.

Great News Hi Tigerlily,
Excellent news and thanks for sharing with us.

Good luck for the future