Life is Unbearable with flushes and sweats.

Think i will form a pop group called
Flush sweat and Fears
Anyone want to join? I am playing the drums though, always wanted to play them.
We could have special outfits made with a cold filter in to cool us down.

Insane Girlx

can l join group!!! The way l drip continually certainly entitles me a place in the group!cant sing but could drip in time to the music!!!
I find that its really embarrassing as l have to think what to wear as get soaked thru and feel people must think im incontinent its so bad.I have fibromyalgia and think this makes it worse as l heat up easily but dont cool down for ages.Seeing consultant tomorrow and he has promised to change tamoxifen to try something else but not holding out too much hope.can only get better!!!

Songs for Group Hot Love
Disco Inferno (Burn Baby Burn)
We Didn’t Start the Fire
Burning Love
Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy)
Flush Gordon (groan)

keep it coming girls, love it.
do you know if there is one thing that BC sufferers have in common its this we are all ‘LOOPY’


Hi Ruth

Just wanted to say hello wack. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you post.

I’ve been in a dark place but thankfully feeling a bit brighter just now (but I am not counting my chickens, it’s a roller coaster ride in my house!)

Did you ever get sorted with your season ticket?

Bad news about the flushes. Been there, T-Shirt etc etc. Can’t help much I’m affraid as mine were due to coming off HRT. Once the chemo kicked in I had less. They are picking up a bit now but I am hoping they wont get too bad as I sleep really badly as it is. I usually have 1 every 2 hrs or so.

Not looking forward to returning to work and having them as I went on HRT because work became impossible now HRT is out and I will be on Arimidex in a few wks. Hey ho.

Take care.


more flushes than the loo! Another hottie here - had flushes every 40 mins night and day on Tamoxifen, plus hair loss around fringe line - the sweat used to run down the backs of my legs, and i would shake like a leaf. i initally kept a ‘time diary’ of the flushes, and presented it to my oncologist. She changed me to Arimidex and Venlafaxine (Effexor XL 75mg slow release) and since then they have been nowhere near as bad, a couple during the day, and then about one an hour from 7-11pm. No sweats, but just searingly hot. i find exercise really helps too. i have a horse to ride, but during my work hours a walk at lunchtime helps too!
If you are stressed about them, and it IS stressful, go back to the onc. or GP and make a fuss!

I did try the sage tablets (where’s the onions and chicken?) for all the good they did i should have used them as stuffing!

Good luck all - having a warm moment right now!

Irene thanks for the nice post. I have been mega busy lately trying to get life on track. Can’t say i am any more positive just fill my life up and am busy.

Can you tell me plseeeeeeeeeeeeeee how you get rid of photos mine is horrid and only half a pic. Tried and tried to sort it but it wont go.

Going to phone for my season ticket Fri, i got the folder they send Sylvias friends gave me it. So can have it this season prob not next.
First home game is Chelsea woweeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Can i just add a warning here. Sage tablets i dont think should be taken with tamoxifen, I can’t remember where i read this.

Cool vibes to everyone