Anybody using Life Mel Honey? I have heard many good things about it but want to hear from any other ladies who may be using it before I spend £45!

Hi kallycat- I am sure you will find a number of previous threads on the forums re Lifemel and Manuka honey. I know I have posted before and can only repeat what I said then- don’t waste your money!

I did- can only say in mitigation that I think my brain was rotting with chemotherapy as I am not usually so gullible!
Honey is good stuff; it tastes nice (if you like sweet things) and it has SOME anti- bacterial properties and can help heal with wound healing (especially Manuka honey) …and it certainly won’t do you any harm … but please don’t pay out mega bucks for Life Mel - it is such a con.

Hi Kallycat - i spent a lot of money on Lifemel, i was a bit paranoid that my WBC was going to be so low chemo would be deferred, … it was! (on both counts - too low and deferred )

All i can say is it didn’t work for me, certainly in terms of raising the WBC, although i will say, i’m very open to most things so i’m also open to the possibility that it may have contributed to my general well being during chemo and lack of SE’s…maybe!maybe not!


I used it all the way through chemo and didn’t have any problems with blood or anything like that! Still lots of vomiting though!! I worked through my chemo so had to try anything there was to hopefully give me energy. Don’t know if it was the honey or not, but i felt it was worth a try! x

i must admit I used manuka honey instead of sugar in hot drinks, etc, when I was first diagnosed. Also went and red meat free. After keeping things at bay for a few months there was regrowth of tumours (primary and secondary). I have since not wasted my money on the manuka and have started eating red meat again. I have thought about eating dairy again, but once you’ve been off it as long as me it just smells really bad and makes me want to vomit. Daughter has started putting toppings on home made pizzas (thank goodness) and I just have to take a deep breath when handling dairy products for the rest of the family.

Yes it’s important to eat healthily, but I think there are far too many people out there ready and willing to take money on a promise of a cure. If things were that simple we wouldn’t have to take such toxic chemical treatments.


No need to spend 45…
You can find it online at 32euro (shipping included) at vitamedbg.